CHAOS . . . The State of the State


First, let us start with the understanding of what the definition of chaos is according to the World Book Dictionary - Chaos: 1a. Very great confusion; complete disorder. And according to my Word Web dictionary, chaos is a state of extreme confusion and disorder.

After reading Bob Johnson's recent article Kneeling in the Grass, I started thinking about chaos as we can see it in action, right now, in our everyday existence. I then came to the conclusion that chaos is at work every day, perpetrated by state agents. Though the World Book Dictionary says 'complete disorder,' after 'following very great confusion,' I might admit that it hasn't quite reached the 'complete disorder' stage, although it is rapidly moving in that direction.

Bob's chaotic incident resulted because some agent of the state didn't keep a proper record of the fact that his car had been recovered, and there should have been absolutely no record of it having been stolen anywhere in state records ever again unless reported stolen again at another date.

Because of this state-caused chaos, Bob's life was put in jeopardy because he had to face the unchallengeable agents of the state during his ordeal. He was, in fact, in fear for his life due to his understanding of their exalted status in our society.

The more I pondered the concept, the more I realized that chaos reigns when it comes to the state in almost every sphere of the agent's activity. For instance, why is it that near my house there is a stop sign at an intersection that you can see in every direction for miles (this isn't a cross road, but a T that you have to turn right or left from), and yet coming from the other direction, there is no stop sign or any traffic control device at an intersection where you can't see anything for 50 feet? I ALWAYS stop at the unmarked intersection to keep from having an accident and the only time I STOP at the marked one is when a glorified Insurance Regulation Enforcer (POLICE OFFICER) is visible, or unless I would interfere with the right of way of another driver.

Then there is the 35 MPH speed limit on a road where there are no entrances bearing any traffic from driveways or other sources, and yet 200 yards away where houses and many entrances into the roadway merge, the speed limit is 45 MPH. The state adds red light cameras at an intersection and there is an INCREASE in accidents. The state places 65 MPH signs on a busy road with blind corners and numerous hidden driveways and places 60 MPH on a freeway. That is just a few of the many traffic examples that I can think of. CONFUSION - DISORDER. These concepts reign where the state is concerned.

How about this one? Take a 50 'dollar' bill and trade it for a 1/10 OZ US Gold Eagle and you will get an Eagle that says $5.00 on it. Please explain to me, how can that be worth five 'dollars' and the pieces of paper you purchased it with or traded for it, be worth 50 'dollars'? Maybe you can get your employer to pay you in the gold and only have to report $5.00?

How about taxes? Do you know ANYONE who is not confused by the tax laws of any state or the federal government?

Or how about firearm laws? Ask ANY federal firearm license holder about that nightmare of confusion.

Think about the passing of civil rights 'laws' to prevent discrimination and then turning around and passing 'affirmative action' laws which are obviously doing exactly what the so called civil rights laws were supposed to prevent . . . DISCRIMINATION.

What about Martha Stewart, where she was effectively tried and convicted of 'lying' and at the same time the PRESIDENT of these 'united' States is lying continually about Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction to get public support so he could invade Iraq ! Doesn't this cause confusion? It all boils down to the story of Animal Farm where 'some of the animals are just more equal than others.'

Recently, while talking to my father, I realized how confused he was because of the false information he had been fed by the state-controlled media. He was CONFUSED about this whole ordeal with Iraq , telling me that the US didn't start it. That 'they,' the Muslims did.

Could the state of our condition be the product of omission, what we didn't learn in public schools? Are we CONFUSED by the state so that we will venerate and worship it?

Every day, millions of man hours are wasted because of someone working for the state causing CONFUSION. Confused people make for good slaves because they are always looking for someone to bring order into their lives. The state agents will say, 'We are here to help you!' HAA!

Do you know how you can tell when someone from the state is lying? You can tell when their lips are moving. The father of lies is the state. And the big lie is the one propagated that we 'need' the state, for without it, there would be chaos. Yet if you can discern it, the state is the author of chaos. The state seems to be an amplifier for all the worst attributes of man. Without it, one man can do very little damage, but with the state, the cumulative effect is war, famine, death and destruction. While the state starts as a simple tumor that appears to be benign, (proclaiming to be a protector and benefactor), in reality, it is a malignant tumor that eventually grows to the point where it BECOMES the apocalypse that we all fear.

I have often said that the laws of nature and of nature's God are far less burdensome than the MULTI MILLIONS of man-made efforts at 'law' making. Those few laws, of which ignorance is no excuse, far surpass the myriads of idiotic 'laws' man is continually forcing on his fellow man.

Yes, in reality, the state is like 'the Wizard of Oz' . . . a small humbug of a man, running the smoke and mirror show from behind a curtain, all the time we are bowing before him. Let's you and I take up the role of Toto, and expose the Wizard for what he is, THE AUTHOR OF CONFUSION. TRUE CHAOS!

We live in the confusion and disorder that George Orwell wrote about in 1984. Up is down, right is wrong, black is white, good is bad, lies are truth, love is hate, war is peace ad nauseam.

CONFUSION . . . DISORDER . . . CHAOS . . . the state of the State.

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Mark Reynolds is a retired plumber and website developer residing with his wife of 45  years and his four grown sons  in the place most folks call Arkansas. Reading the books Letters to Jessica, a Child’s Guide to Freedom of Mind and Spirit  and The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine were  major turning points in his life.