Books That Will Never Be Written


Bringing Jesus Back by Killing Palestinians, by Hal Lindsey and Jerry Falwell.

Smoke, Booze, Gamble, Stuff Your Fat Face and Stick Your Nose in Other's Business!, by William Bennett.

As Short and Ugly as Simon Bar Sinister, by William Kristol.

A Dumb, Cowardly Mouse, by Douglas Feith.

How a Pimple on My Butt Saved My Ass, by Rush Limbaugh.

Souffle' Restaurants for Ex-Cons, by Richard Perle.

Living with a Hopelessly Bad Haircut, by David Frum.

Incurious George and the Drones of Death, by George Bush.

Your Monkey Wife, but Not Mine, by Pete Singer.

How Many Americans Were Killed in What War?, by Paul Wolfowitz.

Living Without Testicles, by Max Boot.

New and Improved Mass Murder, by Henry Kissinger.

1,001 Uses for a Leash, by Lynndie England .

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