The US Congress just passed a bill, and George W. Bush quickly signed it into law, that creates a special office within the US State Department to monitor anti-Semitism around the globe. This is another attempt by the career politicians to win Jewish favor in an election year. In fact, promoting Jewish interests around the world is one of the very few issues that finds almost complete bipartisan support. This bill, for example, found 100% support from both parties in both houses of Congress! The new government bureaucracy (I thought Republicans believed in small government, what are they doing creating yet another bureaucracy?) is responsible for monitoring the world for signs of anti-Semitism. Kind of like Joe McCarthy looking under the bed for Communists! But it contains dangerous mandates, such as holding 'governments accountable for failures,' which is a great way to get more wars started. Of course, the anti-free speech organization, the Anti-Defamation League, thinks this is the greatest thing since legislating thought through enacting 'hate crimes' laws. One thing the government needs to do before they start collecting information on such a large scale is to define what anti-Semitism actually is. Common sense tells us it is an -ism that is opposed to Semites. A quick look in Webster's Desk Dictionary defines Semite as, 'a member of any of various ancient and modern peoples including the Hebrews and Arabs.' Does this mean the new government bureaucracy will not only investigate accusations of anti-Hebrew talk and actions, but also investigate accusations of anti-Arab talk and actions? If this is the case, will they put pressure on US politicians who obediently follow AIPAC and vote that billions and billions of US tax dollars be given as foreign aid handouts to Israel which facilitates their killings of Arabs and Palestinians? Will this new State Department office send investigators to occupied Palestinian lands in an effort to stop the bloody land grab they're suffering under at the hands of the Israelis? Since the new office of thought control will be monitoring anti-Semitism on a global basis, and since the US falls within their territory, will the office investigate groups like the American Jewish Congress, the ADL, and other such groups that have all the signs of being anti-Semitic in the Arab sense of the word? And will Bush's/AIPAC's war in Iraq be seen as anti-Semitic? The king of the neocons, Leo Strauss, referred to the term "anti-Semitism" as "certainly a most improper term." He believed the term was invented "by some bashful German or French pedant of the nineteenth century."1 The term is actually meaningless. What the new US State Department office is actually doing is making the world safer for Jewish expansion and power. When countries condemn Israel for bulldozing civilian homes, for firing US missiles from a US helicopter into a busy intersection to assassinate an Islamic fighter, or extend their wall into new Palestinian territory, the US State Department can jump into action and put those Nazis down! They'll be like little kosher super-heroes not far removed from Biblical butchers like Moses and Joshua. We must ask ourselves why there is such opposition to the Hebrews that an entire new government office needs to be set up to monitor and combat it. A good place to start learning, though just looking at what Israel is doing to the Palestinians every day speaks volumes, is the Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament. This is what's in the minds and hearts of the Israelis that are attacking the Palestinians. It is what motivates the neocons to have the career politicians in Washington start wars for Israel's security. It's what drives the simple-minded imbeciles like George Bush and Pat Robertson to push on towards a world governed by Bible teachings. Since the Hebrews wrote the Bible, it's in their interest to see its commands carried out. And since the Hebrews wrote the Bible to give their tribe supremacy, not in some hazy distant afterlife but in the here and now of this world, it's in the interests of all Gentiles to do everything they can to prevent it from continuing and spreading. Based on what the ancient Hebrews wrote in Deuteronomy 7:6, they are 'above all people that are upon the face of the earth.' Anyone who believes this of themselves would be very hard to get along with! This is the cornerstone of what the government calls anti-Semitism. Any group that believes this about themselves will have a very difficult time getting along with others. The reaction and resistance to this arrogance is classified as anti-Semitism by the government. In Deuteronomy 7:23, the ancient Jews wrote that the Bible god wants them to destroy all those that their god delivers to them. They must be very religious, as this is exactly what they're doing now to the Palestinians. The gist of the Old Testament is the Bible god giving orders to the Jews to go into their neighbors' lands and slaughter their neighbors and take their land. The bottom line is for the Jews to rule the world. Is opposition to this mindset by those who would, according to this Biblical plan, be the servants and slaves of the Hebrews surprising? Or is it natural? Are Gentiles who refuse to be placed in this role of subservience to Israel and the Hebrews hate-mongers? Or is it normal for people to resist being put in such a degrading position? If the US State Department and the political morons in Congress and the White House want to end anti-Jewish feelings and actions, perhaps they should start by encouraging their Jewish backers to openly renounce these Biblical attacks on Gentiles. The Jews need to let go of these unreasonable Biblical violent verses in both their hearts and minds. They have to realize that they are no better or no worse than anyone else on the planet. They must take to heart the fact that they are not God's chosen ones above all people that are on the face of the earth.

1 Jewish Philosophy and the Crisis of Modernity - Essays and Lectures in Modern Jewish Thought, Leo Strauss, Edited by Kenneth Hart Green, p 92.

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