And the Winner Is....


I bet you expect me to write that George Bush is the winner. WRONG, folks! The winner is the Skull & Bones society, Big Brother, the state god, the war party, death merchants, more governmental control, lies, deceit, terrorism, death, destruction, the big corporations, the oil companies, Leviathan and that is just a short list to name a FEW of the winners this election.

And the losers are privacy, freedom, liberty, less governmental control, life, safety, low oil prices, free markets, the taxpayers, small businesses, happiness, and for all intents and purposes, as we plunge into the dark abyss, the American dream.

And this was with only HALF of the people who qualify to vote, sending us this loss. What happens when it is only 25%? What about 10%? 2%? How about we start a new voting system where the ballots all have NONE OF THE ABOVE as a choice? Then I could vote my conscience instead of the 'lesser of two evils.' Then maybe we could have NO ONE in the office for four years if we all picked NONE OF THE ABOVE.

It sure is getting sickening. It seems the voters are all dying off, though. Sure, a lot of brain dead folks from my generation are still voting, but less and less young people are. According to one source I read yesterday, they claim only one out of 10 people between the ages of 18-24 voted. And that was about the same as it has been for the last few elections. The 'Vote or Die' campaigns and MTV's effort as well as some well known singers were of no effect. This is GOOD news, though. This shows me that the younger generation has figured out the game is rigged. And it ISN'T rigged in their favor, in any way, shape or form. As they try to buy the unobtainable double wide trailer that used to be the unobtainable foundation style home and is soon to be the unobtainable single wide trailer, they see a PROBLEM. The SYSTEM IS BROKEN and it doesn't work anymore. It needs a drastic overhaul. The democracy 'god' is dead.

They see that our so-called leaders are being picked by special interests and that all the time they are in office, all they do is cater to the ones who have picked them. They are at least smart enough to realize the following concept as stated by Lenin: 'It isn't who votes that counts, it's who counts the votes that counts'; and that's the TRUTH. George Bush STOLE the 2000 election with the help of his cronies in Florida , and we are supposed to believe he didn't steal it this time? We are supposed to believe this guy? Why?

I want to know what in the world is wrong with my fellow man who lives inside the borders of the place most folks call the United States . Are they blind? Deaf? Dumb? All of the above? What is it? I figured that this lying weasel was at least going to get voted out because of the so called CHRISTIANS and their so-called moral sense. Boy, was I wrong! It may be because of the so-called Christians that he is in again. After all, he knows the buzz words, 'I'll fly away' . . . ' Israel , God's chosen people' . . . 'Born again' . . . 'Pro-Life,' etc. He even has a book out that is advertised at World Net Daily that supposedly has all of his 'faith-based speeches' printed. Wake up, people. This guy is a MEMBER OF THE SKULL AND BONES SOCIETY. Their symbol looks like the death heads that the Nazi SS wore in World War II. And yet we are supposed to think he has faith? I am just asking, folks. I don't know what the answers are to half of these questions. I would love to figure it out.

If George is allowed free reign for another four years, I am not sure what is going to be left of our once great land. Especially after the rest of the world gets pissed off enough at us to invade and take us over. Oh, I know, the great US of A could never have that happen. We are sooooooo . . . good. We have 'god' on our side. Gag me with a place setting. I suggest you take a reality check and look at all the other efforts of man-made kingdoms down through the ages that ended up on the scrap heap of history because of the PRIDE of the people who lived in them. Think about it . . . . Do you suppose the leaders of the Soviet Union expected to see that 'empire' broken up? Or how about the British 'Empire,' which at one time the sun didn't set on. We know that Adolf Hitler was appointed to office as a result of the popular vote, yet NO ONE would admit it after he cracked, thus the end of the Third Reich. What was his reason for invading Poland ? At least he had a reason that wasn't as far fetched as Bush's reason for invading Iraq . Here are a few more nation states that went by the wayside due to their PROUD attitude: Sparta , Rome , and the Persian Empire . How about the nation of Israel ? That nation ended up split in two, becoming the northern nation of Judah and the southern nation of Israel . This is just a small list of the many man-made attempts at kingdom building.

One 'proud' Marine told me that 'we have to fight them over there or else we will have to fight them over here' . . . OH YEAH? How are they going to get here? ROWBOAT? Give me a break.

Without an end to the madness in sight, all I can say is this . . .

'Beam me up Scotty . . . There is no intelligent life left down here.'

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Mark Reynolds is a retired plumber and website developer residing with his wife of 45  years and his four grown sons  in the place most folks call Arkansas. Reading the books Letters to Jessica, a Child’s Guide to Freedom of Mind and Spirit  and The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine were  major turning points in his life.