Conscientious Non-Voting


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"Voting for either, or for some no-hope third party candidate, kinda says you're OK with a system that winds up letting Kodos or Kang eat people so long as enough people vote for them." ~ Eric Crampton

Eric, you're saying that "you're OK with a system that winds up letting Kodos or Kang eat people" by knowingly and voluntarily being a card-carrying, numbered member of the gang that uses the "system that lets Kodos or Kang eat people".

I can hear you now, Eric.

"But, but, but, how can you say it's voluntary since they make it so-o-o uncomfortable for those who leave the gang? I fear they'll persecute me, I fear that they might even put a gun to my head, and I fear that I might lose everything I've worked so hard for if I don't remain a member. I might even die!"

I understand Eric, after generations of entrenchment it has become a very tough choice to make, but a choice nonetheless.

But, if you choose to remain a member of the gang and basically choose to do nothing but write blogs and abstain from voting, I'm not so sure the children of the people who get eaten will understand when you tell them, "Don't blame me: I didn't vote."

"Certainly no man can rightfully be required to join, or support, an association whose protection he does not desire. Nor can any man be reasonably or rightfully expected to join, or support, any association whose plans, or method of proceeding, he does not approve, as likely to accomplish its professed purpose of maintaining justice, and at the same time itself avoid doing injustice. To join, or support, one that would, in his opinion, be inefficient, would be absurd. To join or support one that, in his opinion, would itself do injustice, would be criminal. He must, therefore, be left at the same liberty to join, or not to join, an association for this purpose, as for any other, according as his own interest, discretion, or conscience shall dictate." ~ Lysander Spooner