Confessions of a Former Tea Party Guy


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And what was he expecting? It's called "Democratic" underground for a reason, no? This site is a unofficial adjunct to the DP just as much as Free Republic or NRO are to the GOP. I can understand just about any mistake someone makes but I really don't feel much for the "strangers promised me candy" kind though. This guy feels like a sucker because he got suckered. Maybe he'll learn from it.

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Well, most people were suckered in exactly the same way. Congrats on seeing through it from the beginning.

There is no harm in posting a rant like this. At least some people there will start thinking and questioning because of it.

Almost the most basic lie the state depends on, is the right vs left paradigm. Or "divide and conquer", or whatever else you want to call it. About the only way for people to see through it is to be slapped with this sort of post.