Compassionate Seattle Moves To Put Homeless Camp Into 'Proper' Camps


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Yeah, but they tend to wander out onto the highway a lot, and so, creepy headline notwithstanding, it's probably for the best. They often get high, drunk, or lost in their own delusional notions and throw things at passing cars too. Had a clothes iron bust the window on my truck on the I-5 in Renton one time.

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"It was for the best" in 1940s Germany too, and just as many suburban vermin were happy to look the other way while the weakest people in their society were 'put in their place.' 
Considering how you didn't mention filing a police report about your alleged clothes iron incident, it's obvious you don't know who actually did it. All you have to prove your point is innuendo. However since demonizing the weak seems to be a part of your agenda, it is to be expected. 

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There would be no such thing as "homeless camps" if there were no such thing as government ("public" ha ha) property. Sam

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Yes there would Sam, it would only be a question of where these "jungles" would be located. If there were no Washington state or Seattle government entities, these homeless types would get rousted hard & have their possessions and shelters burnt by Pinkerton/Blackwater-type private security in the pay of the highway's owners. Instead they'll be nudged out by NGO social service contractors and the police. The political class wants to virtue signal how good they are and the NGO contractors are more than happy to take their money. This has all happend before by the way, too.

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I realized after I posted that it was somewhat out of line. "Nesters" have been around forever. And, "homesteaders" have been considered homeless folk (until they get their tater seeds in the ground -- and also comply with the white man's rules for satisfying the laws outlining homestead "rights"). Lots of range wars and cowboy and wagon train movies about homesteaders and nesters and "free-rangers", etc etc etc.

A major barrier in the mental wrap-around is in the fact none of us has ever experienced total liberty and freedom. I've dreamed about it, tried to "theorize" it, but have never experienced it. I suspect that may also fit you.

So, it seems to be generally accepted that whoever of the psychopaths have been victorious conquerors in their wars can then claim "jurisdiction" over a given piece of real estate (such as "North America" and/or "South America" -- and now, of course, all their various political divisions, boundaries and borders as we know them -- virtually all with histories of wars that have been decorated with various sacred names). Which then gives them the "right" to determine exactly who owns what.

All "jurisdiction" proceeds from a loaded firearm. We can argue about "might-makes-right" 'till we're red in the face; but we can't alter history. Hopefully we will play a major part in changing it. Peacefully. With all central political "authority" finally scuttled.

If you pay tribute ("tax") to somebody(s), you can't claim 100% ownership. And, although I agree with Mr. Davies that there will come a time (hopefully within my lifetime) when governments and states and the psychopathic groups of individuals who make them up will implode and disappear, I cannot accurately outline to you how real property will be divided up equitably. And, even then, I'm sure there will be "homeless" folks.

Plenty of subject matter for topics. Sam

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This comment will stray away from homelessness, homeless camps and Ken's original comment; but will identify freedom and liberty. There might always be individuals (no matter how any of us fantasize how "we" might come up with a "free society"), people who will shun what we generally define as "responsibility". They will trespass, steal, murder, and do all kinds of evil deeds.

But most of us won't most of the time.

Kent posted some videos on his blog a couple years back that illustrates my point, and which have prompted me to think as I bike along each day through the city (and back when I was actively trucking -- hours on end): about freedom, liberty, and "authority". Two of the entries were videos about traffic in the London metro, and experiments those presumably in charge of things made in removing all traffic controls from very congested intersections:

Keep in mind those who produced the videos were NOT advocating the ending of political authority. I'm sure that would be unthinkable to them. They were, in fact, addressing the "global warming" issue.

Here's another:

I've misfiled the one on which the guy who made the video was making dumb comments pertaining to his opinion that all this freedom was "absolutely insane", and constantly commented about "almost an accident" (that did not happen).

Freedom is a fearsome meditation -- for many. Sam