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Yesterday I told you about The Privatization Song.  Today I’m going to tell you about the metal band Ritual Carnage, whose new album “The Birth of Tragedy” ischock full of pro-freedom songs.  Danny Carnage, the front man of the group and apparently its only American member (the rest are Japanese) happens to be a big fan of STR.  The CD comes with a booklet that has all of the lyrics and pictures of the band members (each of whom is holding a different rifle or pistol).

The first song that caught my eye was “Paradox of Democracy”:

The Constitution is in confusion, Our present state of destitution 

In torment founding fathers lay, Their visions lost, withered away

The New World Order politics, as Third World countries get their fix

Future allies name their price, as the working class gets sacrificed

United Nation games, and foreign policy, no democracy, for the land of the free,

we police the world, for no accord, paradox of state, obscure democracy

Civil liberties constrained, from partisan, lobbyist games

Bureaucratic systematic, Oppressive rhetoric from addicts

Handout, shellout, pity, plead, awards for laziness and greed

No more tears, no sorrow shed, for the gallery of invalids

Massive government expenses, comes fraud and waste, tax negligence

Self-righteous, unethical deeds, No balance of power, no liberty

Governmental subsidies, the current welfare luxuries,

In torment founding fathers lay, their visions lost withered away

This song includes an audio clip of parts of two sentences from Bush’s State of the Union speech that have been spliced together so he says, “Republicans and Democrats work together to blackmail the United States.”

Then there’s “Fall of the Empire”:

The war on drugs, the war on terror, Total war on all mankind

Defeatist give in, nationalist will win, The bottomless surplus surge

Oppression, transgression, Fall of the empire

Taxation, Excessive, Abolishment of state

The puppet master, his strings become entangled

Supremacy’s fall, relinquishing all control

Cold war, out of date bureaucracies, Their stranglehold, Suffocates our liberties

The D.E.A., plagued by inabilities, Covert operations dissolve

The puppet master, his strings become entangled

Supremacy’s fall, relinquishing all control

Corruption ceases, deceitful policies void, Imperial end, anarcho-capitalist mode

Horrific tales, have become the inevitable, Closets are opened as skeletons are revealed

Innocence, collateral damage, Cold steel knows no wrong

Below those lyrics in the booklet, the URLs for Strike The Root and anti-state.com are listed, followed by: “I highly praise these 2 websites for influence and intelligent thought stimulation.” Pretty cool, huh?

Another song with great lyrics is “Grave New World”:

Welcome to life, it’s your first day on earth, and debt has already incurred

The taxman comes knocking, it’s old Uncle Sam, his way of life must be procured

Pay or imprisonment, you have no choice, tyranny’s supply and demand

Governmental monopolies, Big Brother’s robbing me,

democracy kills in the end

Gun control measures, our right to bear arms, inalienable rights in decline

Hook, line and sinkered, your faith in our leaders, their false hope and lies stand confined

America’s drowning, with lawsuits conspiring, common sense meets its demise

Political overkill, favors left to fulfill, rebellions beginning to rise

Life on my knees, they do as they please, in this brave new world

Who can you trust, life is unjust, in this grave new world

Too much control, reality’s hold, in this brave new world

Monetary greed, surrounded by thieves, in this grave new world

For life and liberty, you must play their game, Revolution? No point things will stay the same

A no win battle, everyone will lose

No point in voting, no candidate to choose

Independence from their dependent ways

The I.R.S. and all its red tape

Big government is robbing you and me

Democracy it kills, why can’t you see?!

Open your mouth, it may just mean your death

Retaliation is all they know, they’ll get you next

Punished for your point of view, free speech a myth

Finger points at you, removal is swift

Guilty of innocence, your life is no more

Judicial intervention, due process is ignored

Stolen identity, your past is erased

All previous signs of life are but a trace

Brave New World, Grave New World

F*** your Brave New World!

Into the grave, New World!

Finally, I want to mention the song “Shroud of Secrecy,” which is about the horrific experiments on humans conducted by the Japanese government’s Unit 731 during the 1930s and '40s:

A million horrors scream abhorrent, from their shallow graves

Blood frenzied warriors, human slaughter, the weaker foe erased

Imperial oppression, colonial possession, fuels the fire

Divinity’s decadence, their world in chaos, divine empire

Bittersweet victory, no regard for humanity, forgotten history, under a shroud of secrecy

The war machine screams at full throttle, awakening the damned

Steel forged for mass consumption, churning out the dead

The wings of death fly overhead, the dragon strikes below

Gleaming swords rip through the wind, Emperor’s soldiers of the throne

Brokered conspiracy to cover up the past, fragile history littered with broken glass

expose the truth, don’t hide behind lies, time doesn’t heal those hideous crimes

Experimental human testing, Unit 731

Pathogens, bacteria, germs, bodies soon succumb

Limbs are frozen, bones are shattered, the smell of burning flesh

Reprehensive laboratory, butchers of innocence

Tojo’s will, once blessed to conquer, doomed and cursed to fail

Arsenal of divine power, steel showers and lethal hail

Violated, coerced to fight, senseless sacrifice

Souls are buried, stones left unturned, purgatory’s cries

Bittersweet end, displaced souls will never amend, forgotten crimes, a shroud of secrecy of wartime

So how’s their music, you ask?  Well, I’m not a metal fan, so I can’t really judge, but it sounds pretty good to me, definitely worth a listen.  This is the band’s third album, they’re about to tour Japan, and they’re on a major European record label, so they’ve already achieved some commercial success. 

This CD’s cover art has been banned in the U.S. and no store will carry it, apparently because the baby’s diaper is an American flag.  You can buy it here, however. 

You can contact Danny Carnage here. 

Good luck, guys, and keep on rocking the free world!        


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