When I Grow Up I Want to Be Free


This country that we live in is one of a kind, from our right to vote to our freedom of speech, which is listed in our Constitution, but I can't help but wonder what life will be like when I grow up.

Will I still be able to perform all the rights I have now or will they be taken away from me by our growing and power consuming government? I can't help but visualize what our government could become in the future. It could take complete power over our lives as it is starting to do today. Also I visualize many other things, like if I have kids. Would I really want them to grow up in a non-free country? What would they have to look forward to with no rights of their own? When only people with power could tell them what they can and can't do? I wouldn't want that to happen to me or anyone. No human being should be treated that way.

I know our forefathers wouldn't like to see our great country turn into a communist country. Nor do I think they would like it if there was no government, which could take away freedom just as easily with mob rule taking power and vast majorities of 'The strong' taking advantage of the 'weak.' Although this is possible, I can see the government taking complete control before I can see there being no government. It would be almost impossible because any time anyone doesn't know what to do, they always turn to someone, or some people, to fix their problems, resulting in the making of a government.

I hope that people will do more to tell and convince other people of the dangers that grow in our government when they expand like ours, or fall apart like others, resulting in less freedom to the people of our, and other, countries. Last I have to say is not only to convince them of the dangers, but convince them to take action by supporting people who run for any kind of office, like president, governor, representative, or senator, who support making our government smaller, and who are willing to take action to stop government expansion. And then, only then, will I really feel that I will be free when I grow up.

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