CNN Host Slams America’s Greatest Olympian Ever For Not Being Black, Muslim Woman


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The nation state model of competition is largely outmoded in modern times. Few nation states are as ethnically pure as they were in early 1900's. For example, European futbul stars today are mostly ethnic Africans and in American baseball the stars are mostly Caribes from DR, Cuba, & Venezuela. The Olympics are a fucking scam anyway. The whole thing is about crony cap media profitabilty combined with graft glalore for the local boosters and pols. 

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But  Melinda is correct. CNN commentators are mostly PC douchebags, even in sports, and so fuck em anyhow.

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I'm prejudiced, of course, since I gave up television over 50 years ago. I've also abstained from all spectator sports. Endless covert and not-so-covert propaganda, flag worship and fireworks displays (an insidious form of state hype) nauseate me. Sam