Climate Consensus: Do Little for Now


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Climate change is a fact; human caused climate change is fiction.  Co2 is a trace atmospheric gas that comprises less than 400 parts per million of Earth's atmosphere.  96% of all Co2 is released into Earth's atmosphere via natural processes such as vulcanism and decomposition of bio-mass. 

If we, humans, can solve precession, solar/interstellar variability, volcanos, ocean current variability, asteroid/comet strikes we can solve climate change.


I'll be right back I've gone to check that great big thermostat in the sky as most folks seem to believe that Earth has some sort of static climate which is set for the human optimum.  Not, Earth has a highly dynamic climate with more stimuli than our human/artificical minds can comprehend at this time.  It has only been these last 10,000 some odd years after the end of the last ice-age (Earth's climate has been warming for the past 10,000 years otherwise North America would still be covered in miles thick ice sheets) that Earth's climate has been within the human optimum and that is 100% going to change no matter what we hubristic hairless primates may believe.