Circus Politics: Will Our Freedoms Survive Another Presidential Election?


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Well considering Bush's 'patriot act, military commissions act, et al, I'd say it hasn't survived the last 2 election-type-things. I don't call them elections any more. The table it tilted, the game is rigged. The choice for the 'oval office' is already made as we discuss this. The Rothschilds dictate who site in that seat. It's just a matter of the counting. And 'they' will take care of that.

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What is scary (to me) about John Whitehead is not that he is a bad writer (as mainstream writers go who attempt to lean into libertarianism). He's a good writer, except for his incessant use of "we", the most dangerous word in the language. I'm always wary of anybody who tries to include me into their foray.

What bothers me is the play he gets among "libertarian" press. I think Bell may have dropped him as a regular contributor now that Anthony Wile is back at the helm, but many give him front page.

I don't know about you or Dr Whitehead, but if my freedoms (he erroneously and rather pompously writes "our" freedoms) are threatened by U S presidential elections, then I'd better make it a point to reexamine freedom and liberty. Sam

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Sam, You can always be counted on for being perceptive and penetrating.

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Wow, deep. How do you stay at peace within yourself when you know (assumption on my part) that more than a few people in this country are asking for "official" agents to affect your life in increasingly more intrusive ways?

I'm new to this and blundering around, it appears that there are stages to realizing what liberty really means. I'm in that stage where unfruitful proselytizing is leaving me jaded. People more seasoned to this appear to have a peace within themselves and tolerate modern liberalism and neoconservatism in people who are loud, popular, and numerous.

Perhaps I'm just impatient, while I'm grateful for Mises, Locke, Bastiat et do you stay at peace when you know that, like them, full freedom in your lifetime is unlikely?

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It's my personal belief that, in order to assimilate "liberty", one must first recognize two basic and fundamental mindsets: 1) collectivism, and 2) individualism. As I see it, there is no middle ground. And, I'm convinced you and I will always remain uncomfortable within when and if we try to switch between one and the other. As you have pointed out above, the prevailing mindset is #1: collectivism.

Collectivism is everywhere -- up and down your street in your neighborhood, among the folks standing in line at the cash register at Wal Mart, inculcated into the minds of each and every individual attending or watching a spectator-sporting event such as "Super Bowl" -- probably the predominant mentality even among members of your own family.

I see collectivism as a mental illness (although I'm a proponent of the writings of the late Thomas Szasz).

I'm skeptical of much of what is presented on "Prison Planet" generally, but there is a YouTube video of G. Edward Griffin -- "The Collectivist Conspiracy" -- that answers much of the questions concerning those two philosophies. I recommend watching (or listening to) at least the first 20 or so minutes, which provides a good outline. Sam

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No elected official will contribute to freedom and liberty; for they walk on stilts in the circus of their creation. So. The election of government officials only contribute to the decline and fall of human freedom and human liberty.
Neither party likes being told what to do by any body, even in elections.
There no longer exists a republic, or a representative government but rather a Pathocracy--a system of government created by a small pathological minority that takes control over a society of (normal?) people. However, failing to pay attention to the unfolding events is a surrender to the oppressor, then you are no one.
What to do...what to do?