Cheney Admits He Lied About 9/11


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**Cheneys lies are the least to the 118 arms and munitions companies whom have now come on board to refuse to sell fire arms or ammunition to the Federal Government, States, municipalities, cities or any affiliated political group that has pushed through Anti-gun bills with a collection of stupid, idiotic hoops, if available, unless those same sales can be made to the American Citizen. To me this is more important than whether Cheney lied or not. That is old, useless news. The reason I say this is it is no supprise to any member of this site, but in one week going from 34 manufactures of firearms and ammunition to cease sales to any political group that has legislated against the second amendment.
These are people doing something about a bad situation. What do we do as individuals to become a part of this revolutions. The only alternative i have is to buy from these companies, to support them for the position they have taken. These are individuals saying collectively we are stronger than you. The saddness of this whole issue is that there are several gun manufactures who are not committing and they need to committ, Glock and Remington, and Winchester are three I can recall off hand that are not participating in this event. I personally believe that every member of str has a responsibility to support these companies in one way or another and to in the minimum contact Glock, Winchester, and Remington that you will not purchase from them unless they join the other 118 companies.

I have no doubt that others will follow aslo increasing the number making it difficult for governents to keep their jack boots ready to enforce their dictatorial demands.
Write Winchester, Remington and Glock that you will not support their products unless the committ to the other 118 companies resisting the governments effort to prevent American Citizens from owning and using these particular weapons.