Charleston Shooting Suspect Dylann Roof Said To Be 'Classic Lone Wolf'


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"Lone-Wolf" ur ignorant mainstream butts:


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Samarami. Your remark is lost on me.

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    "...Your remark is lost on me..."

If you read the (2007) linked article, it should come clear. "Mainstream" (media, "education", religion, et al.) have from time immemorial been motivated to discourage individualism. To embrace individualism is portrayed as akin to insane behavior. The individualist is the anathema of the state. Nobody has a "right" (whatever that's supposed to mean) to think for himself or herself.

Therefore, every berserk killer must be labeled "loner". The association is an absolute necessity.

We anarchists are mostly all "loners". It's the nature of anarchy. As such, we interchange more peacefully and constructively in a free marketplace by our very natures than do those steeped in statolatry. That very fact makes us dangerous to the superstition of statism. For if a plurality of individuals were ever to seriously question whether "the state" is really productive of order, popular support for government would almost instantly collapse.

The enormity of the truth is incredible. Sam

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Unable to recall yesterdays reading, but did come from Jews for the Protection of gun rights. Author presented documentation that the greatest group of Mass Murders are individuals who are mentally ill or are loaded with dangerous drugs which the drug companies do not release all the side effects How does one legitimately correlate mass murder by mentally sick people to law abiding citizens.
Currently I have been unable to discover rage shootings by law abiding citizens with mass murder or even inappropriate firearm use except for emotionally distraught LEO's.