Can Libertarians Hijack New Hampshire?


Samarami's picture

You really need to watch this WSJ video. "...Kookie (read: 'libertarian') -is-in-the-eye-of-the-beholder.." (giggle giggle giggle).

Don't get me wrong: like Block's support of the clown "running" for U.S. grand wizard, the "free state project" phenomenon is crazy-making from its inception as far as I can tell. Not far removed from " of the dog..." to the drunk. And I suppose I would be concerned if I depended upon "libertarian-ism" (as a movement) to make me free. I don't.

I genuinely want you to find the freedom you seek. But, in case you don't, I will still be free.

But mainstream media types are obviously terrified of the incessant move toward freedom -- and the internet reformation that is sweeping it along. Sam