Border War


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Different people will react to these photos differently. Most STR readers will see it as illustrating how wasteful and harmful the whole war on drugs is and that it needs to be ended. Govt apologists will see these photos as evidence that drugs are big business and that they they need to take the drug war to the next level. But whatever your reaction, these are powerful photos that depict how big the war on drugs has gotten.

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Like they do not know what they are doing.We learned prohibition does not work almost a hundred years ago.Prohibition gave you the Al Capones and the rich 'american gangsters, opposed by the untouchables. Prohibit a substance and it puts money and a criminal element into the equation.(that gummint just has to respond to.)

Will Grigg kick it out of the park again.> It's shamefully narrow-minded of Washington to confer the blessings of humanitarian mass murder on distant Bedouins while ignoring our Mestizo neighbors to the South. McCaul, a former federal prosecutor who now chairs the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Oversight, is eager to help rectify that inequity by designating six Mexican drug syndicates -- including Los Zetas, which is led by U.S.-trained military personnel -- as "foreign terrorist organizations."