Keep Hillary Out

Nobody here votes, I trust, but all of us have friends who insist on validating the statist system by doing so; if you agree with the theme of today's Zero Government Blog, please send them a copy today.

The Campaign Needs a Radical, But Sanders Isn't It.

In this C4SS Feed 44 video, Sheldon Richman laments the lack of a true radical in the 2016 U.S. presidential race.

The Right to Freedom


Last month the STR forum returned to the subject of rights, with some asserting that nobody has any. That would contradict the theory of individual liberty.
So today's ZGBlog The Concept of Rights attempts to bust that myth, by showing some other abstract ideas that we properly recognize as real. Enjoy!

The Importance of Boundaries and How They Figure in the Sex-Obsessed Realm of Politics

Butler Shaffer is one of the most important libertarian theorists, and his many books and articles have clarified the meaning and vital importance of well-drawn and visible boundaries in creating peaceful human relationships. That's why I mentioned him so early in my new article, "Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Pussy Control." If you found Stephan Kinsella's writings on IP compelling, Butler offers a real learning experience!
Among Butler's books are the following:
Calculated Chaos
Wizards of Ozymandias
Boundaries of Order
In Restraint of Trade
"Calculated Chaos" explores the problems of poor boundary definition and the link to complexity and chaos theory, "Wizards of Ozymandia" explores the warfare state, "Boundaries of Order" is perhaps his most in-depth writing on boundary theory, and "In Restraint of Trade" is a history of business attempts to circumvent and undermine the free market. You can't do much better than these!

Ancient Rome and Modern D.C.

The Roman emperors are known for murdering their rivals, and some for killing for amusement. Today's zero government blog recalls that the Clintons may be following in that tradition.
Anyone presuming to run your life or mine is despicable, but if Hillary is elected next month, she will be more despicable than most. Perhaps that may yet be prevented, by helping give The Clinton Body Count the widest possible circulation.

Irwin Schiff


Some STReaders have been influenced by this illegal-tax protester, who died a year ago last Sunday. On that day I visited his grave, to pay respects, and took some photos. shows the results.

Border Control is Illegal

Even Ron Paul says that the Nation's borders need to be controlled. What he and everyone else seem to have overlooked is that no law allows that to happen.
Today's ZGBlog Bypassing Amendment Five explains, and shows the implications. Enjoy!

A New Star Has Risen

Today's ZGBlog is titled The Kokesh Phenomenon, and describes something new under the libertarian sun: a dynamic young campaigner for liberty who is making waves. He has published a remarkable short book, perhaps best seen as a long tract, whose effect on today's population may become comparable to what Paine's "Common Sense" was on his. Read "FREEDOM!"; its' free. It could be a government-buster.

He Pays No Tax!

That's the current accusation by the Hillarymedia, leveled at her adversary. Ridiculous, but an amazing number of people believe it. If only it were true! Today's ZGBlog Taxes, Trumped explores the scene.


Last Saturday, I hit a big one. The collision was exhausting and degrading.
There's plenty of good and valid criticism around of the TSA, who harass people on the way around and out of the US, but I've not seen much about the government's treatment of returning citizens, coming back in. Today's ZGBlog repairs the omission.

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