Supporting the Troops

This Josie Outlaw video describes how she supports American soldiers in a libertarian manner.

United We Tumble


Today there's a new article out on the Zero Government Blog, and it's good news. A 2013 report shows how membership in, and the influence of trade unions has steeply declined during the last half century. Unions, like government (and with its vital assistance) operate by force; so this means force in society has fallen. celebrates the fact. Enjoy!
By the way, if you're a Root Striking author in sync with the aims and outook of ZGB (see here) do take the chance to submit an article. There's no payment offered :-( so the only rewards are fame, the satisfaction of helping beat back the borders of ignorance and prejudice, and the knowledge that the time remaining to the Government Era will be marginally shortened.

Amish Vs. the Courts: Family Speaks Out on Fleeing the U.S. to Escape Court-Mandated Chemo

The "right" of parents to stop standard medical therapy for a child with cancer is examined in this ReasonTV video.

Bars and Brass Bands in the Big Easy

This Learn Liberty video explores the underlying social capital of jazz music in New Orleans.

Ama-gi Art Show

Allow me to introduce you, if you were unaware, to the concept of libertarian spoken-work performance, as documented in this StudentsForLiberty video.

Mad-Dog Kerry


At today, my latest Zero Government Blog shows that war is the normal and primary business of government, and so that if we fail to eliminate government, it will surely eliminate us, and/or our progeny. Merely to hide from it is only to kick the can down the road.

Tom Palmer - Freedom for the World


In this video, Tom Palmer discusses spreading the ideas of freedom outside the United States.

CPAC: The Conservative Case for Criminal Justice Reform

Apparently conservatives are concerned about the modern American State criminal justice system, as documented in this ReasonTV video.

Five Eyes, No Sight


After five weeks, resources of several of the world's governments have failed to locate Flight 370. Does this result from malevolence, or stupidity? My answer, in today's new Zero Government Blog, is "yes."  Enjoy.

Hayek vs Rothbard on Coercion


This c4ssvideos video promotes Hayek's more expansive definition (than Rothbard) of coercion.

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