Another Mass Shooting Prevented


By a brave private citizen with a concealed handgun. CNN and MSNBC should be picking up this story any day now...

The Coercive State has killed us all, continued

In Timeline of a World-Killing Paradigm Shift (May 2012) I argued that the coercive State has already killed the biosphere -- that is, the State has destroyed the Earth, or at least begun the extermination and extinction of most vertebrates and much of the flora on this planet. Much of this harm has been done via malregulation, for example by the US government's legislating away most liability for the corporations running nuclear power plants (the Price-Anderson Act and other vehicles).
    Evidence for this thesis is growing dramatically. Increasing numbers of news stories in recent months have described population crashes and severe health issues of sardines, salmon, turtles, herring, sea lions, seals, polar bears, sea stars (which have actually been dissolving and disintegrating!), and other animal species. These problems are possibly or even probably caused at least in part by radioactive contamination from the Fukushima disaster. Even governments are getting concerned, although we don't hear much about that. Earlier this month, pink salmon were found along the Canadian coast that were canary-yellow colored instead of pink. I am especially concerned about this since the pink color in salmon comes from astaxanthan (link is to a detailed article published today by Dr. Mercola), an amazingly powerful and broadly beneficial carotenoid created by microalgae. Salmon, and krill and pink flamingos for that matter, get their pink coloration by eating the microalgae or other species that feed on it.
     But now salmon (some salmon, at least) are turning up without that lovely pink color and are, instead, bright yellow. Well, for one thing, yuck. But more importantly, what does this mean for the microalgae and for the health of the Pacific in general?
    Another bit of data can be found in this story of an experienced sailor who found 3,000 nautical miles of the Pacific Ocean were almost entirely dead and filled with trash and debris washed out to sea from, it seems certain, Fukushima.
There are about 450 other nuclear plants active today, around 130 formerly-active plants (and their depleted fuel) in mothballs, and another 100 or so on the drawing boards or under construction. 



I was reading an article about Halloween costumes for pets.  It said, "These pets [shown in the photos] like wearing costumes, but yours may not.  Never force your pet to do something it does not want to do."  Does that advice apply equally to humans, or just to animals?


Here is what happens when government and trade unions force distortions on the free market.

"The Economics of Gun Prohibition"

Prohibition is a failure, whether it targets drugs or guns.

There Is No Debt Ceiling Until Feb. 7


Where Do Rights Come From?


In this campaignforliberty video, Author Tom Woods summarizes Hoppe's argumentation ethics.

Reuters: "Washington becomes the biggest risk to the U.S. economy"

A Reuters article asserts that economists and business executives now view the US government as the biggest risk to the US economy. I'd say this understanding is about a hundred years too late, considering what the year 1913 brought us, but better late than never.

IMF Lays the Groundwork for Global Wealth Confiscation


Got gold?  link

How Government is Destroying the Medical Profession

Dr. Jeffrey Singer details, in this ReasonTV video, how the State is crushing professional medicine.

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