Natural Rights are Mere Privileges in the Eyes of Would-Be Burlington, Vermont Gun Controllers

Based on this recent speech from Norm Blais of the Burlington City Council, we get to see a raw unadulterated look at the twisted mindset of those who worship at the altar of government.  Key is the fourth paragraph:
"With regard to the claim that what we are doing is unconstitutional, that is likewise wrong. There is not a single constitutional right that is unfettered. There is not a single constitutional right, from the right of free speech, to the right to a jury trial, all those rights are subject to reasonable regulation by governmental entities. And for someone to suggest this evening that what is being proposed is not reasonable regulation, I do not think is facing with the reality of what we are talking about."
It's quite obvious what the reality is regarding what Blais is talking about here.  Aside from the fact that we can see in fineness the futility of the Constitution as any kind of a guarantor of liberty, we also see that the arrogant bureaucratic mentality of someone like Blais is that there are no natural rights -- only government-granted privileges.  And of course, such a mentality recognizes only that the gateway to such privileges rests squarely in the hands of those as abundantly enlightened as Blais himself, and others of his totalitarian breed.
The Norm Blaises of this world must be cut off from any ability to control us whatsoever.  At all.  In any way. 
Voting accomplishes nothing productive.  Opting out altogether is the only way to permanently neutralize such psychopathic fanatics.

Tracking snoops

The Mozilla Lightbeam Tool is suppose to expose who is looking over your shoulder on the web, but it only covers “commercial” snoops.  What about exposing non-commercial, that is state surveillance, snoops?  Since advertisers don’t send out drones to kill people, I’d prefer the latter.

Mission Creep eroding liberty

Property rights are eroding daily, from control over our bodies through the takeover of healthcare systems to the puddles in our yards.  Mission Creep is a profound understatement for this phenomenon.

Impromptu Hangout with Jeff Tucker: 50 Ways to Leave Leviathan


Jeff Tucker, in this humorous Stephan Kinsella video, chats about his fascinating libertarian article entitled "50 Ways to Leave Leviathan".

"Government Debt Addiction"


Judge Napolitano, in this misesmedia video, discusses the consequences of the American State's debt problem.

NSA Needs Thwarting

Here's an report on a ProPublica study that suggests all the massive surveillance carried on by the FedGov's spy network has not actually thwarted a terrorist attack.
Obama has said it stopped over 50 planned attacks. Most of them are still secret, so nobody can check. A few had the books opened, and none of those were thwarted thanks to the powers assumed by the NSA. Thwart it!

Is Secession Legal?

Tom Woods chats with an expert about a forbidden subject - secession.


I have often wondered who the morons are that Barry uses as background props during one of his pep rally speeches.  Where do they find these people?  They always look like a carefully selected group of responsible, ordinary Americans that also covers every demographic category with just the right number of people.  Are they useful idiots?  Fellow travelers?  The outpatient ward for the recently lobotomized?  This article shows that it's all a fraud, with most being comrades and people who have had nothing to do with Obamacare.  Note the retreads from previous events and the deceitful biography.  How shameful to allow yourself to be used in such a way.      

Another Mass Shooting Prevented


By a brave private citizen with a concealed handgun. CNN and MSNBC should be picking up this story any day now...

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