"This Professor Slays Zombies with Economics (and Guns)"


Zombie apocalypse economics are more complicated than you imagine, as described in this Learn Liberty video.

Stills Stilled

Having a healthy thirst and a slim wallet, I surfed today to an informative site that explains in detail how to produce one's own spirits. Not just rot-gut moonshine, but high-purity vodka and even whiskey and liqueurs. Once the kit is installed and the learning curve scaled, such beverages can be made for peanuts.
Under its “Wiki” tab however I learned that to do that even for one's own consumption is illegal in all major countries except New Zealand. Here therefore is another racket in which government has favored a cartel of producers with protection from low-price competition. The quid for that quo is the punitive rate of tax it collects on each bottle sold. Distillers win, politicians win, real people lose.
One more, 100-proof proof that government has to go; root and branch.

Life Imitates Art

"SNL" skit mocking Obamacare website correctly predicted only six people would sign up for insurance on the first day.  This after the federal government spent at least $500 million on it.  Remember, these are the same people who want to control the life-and-death decisions about your health care. 

iPhone 6 to Incorporate Protective Radiation Shield [Satire]

With the ongoing Fukushima disaster already poisoning the Pacific and the world as a whole -- and with indications that this assault may soon accelerate dramatically -- anonymous (or perhaps non-existent) industry sources are saying Apple is planning to one-up the competition with a device that will monitor radiation levels, calculate various metrics for biological harm from those levels in real time, and to some extent protect users FROM the radiation by means of a yet-undisclosed technology that may create a "zone of quantum calm" around the user.
These technologies, under the moniker "iLive", will be incorporated into the iPhone 6, sources tell us, scheduled for release late in the Spring of 2014 or sooner if possible. Apple CEO Tim Cook is said to have told the iPhone engineering team that "We want to get this on the market while most of our user base is still alive. The CFO confirmed to me yesterday that our stock price WILL take a major hit if our users are, for the most part, dead or dying."
Exactly how the new technologies will work is a closely guarded secret, but one source suggests tachyon-based targeting of individual beta and gamma particles deployed in a method not unlike that seen in the arcade games Space Invaders and Missile Command. An alternate technology under consideration involves the direct manipulation of space-time, which would simply route incoming radiation around the users but which might cause issues with close interpersonal contact.
[The topic isn't actually funny, but sometimes the only way I can handle something truly horrible is with my warped sense of humor. Now  -- cringe -- back to reality]

Obamacare "Won't Work"

My least favorite member of PBS' News Hour team is Gwen Ifil; she likes to be Queen Hen. But this week, she met her match when trying to interview Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY.)  It was a pleasure to see.

He was confident and emphatic, very much in control. And though not associated with even the Tea Party, he predicted total failure for Obamacare - possibly for reasons similar to those in Glen Allport's recent STRticle. Referring not to the web-site fiasco but to the whole scheme, McConnell said

           "I don't think Albert Einstein could make this thing work. It can't work. It won't work."

This puts him right out on a limb. Pols don't normally climb there, so he must be very sure. Let's assume he is right. Why would Obama insist on pushing this forward, when it's so credibly predicted to fail?

One answer, that looks more believable every day, is that by design, it was never meant to work; that it is meant to be such a huge failure that the Sheeple will plead instead for a Euro-Canadian style "single payer system" such as the Left really want.

Another chance for us to promote instead a system with 300 million payers and zero government participation.

An Open Letter to Russell Brand - Let's Start a Revolution!


In this Stefan Molyneux video, the libertarian philosopher critiques actor Russell Brand's recent rant.

Here are some real heros

Sometimes the good guys do win.  This is a wonderful story on so many levels.  Parent’s rights, patients rights, natural cures for cancer, the evil of the corporate/state medical-industry and the Amish.
Amish Girl Being Forced into Experimental Chemotherapy Taken Out of US and Recovers With Natural Treatment

Debt Ceiling Not the Same as Default

In this Robert Murphy video, the Austrian economist demythologizes the debt ceiling.

Halloween Haunts in New Hampshire

"The Shining was a Disco-era bestseller from Maine's Master of Macabre, Stephen King, but it was the foreboding grandeur of the Overlook Hotel and Jack Nicholson's portrayal of dangerous dull-boy Jack Torrance that made The Shining a part of modern culture. While it was the Stanley Hotel in Colorado that reportedly inspired King, the author could have looked a lot closer to home for his supernatural stimulation ..."
Something seasonal. 

"Rejecting War"

Though no longer a member of Congress, Ron Paul, in this misesmedia video, continues to oppose war.

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