Jerry Brown's Phony Conservation Plan is Real Corporate Welfare

The State of California's water "conservation" plan is blatant corporate welfare argues this video.

Death Penalty: Justice, or Just Too Far?

In this Learn Liberty video, libertarian Jason Brennan argues against the death penalty.

A Tribute to Irwin Schiff

- who died on October 16th from cancer, in government custody - is offered in today's Zero Government Blog as Schiff's Crusade. While he was not a market anarchist, we have lost a very great and courageous friend of freedom.

How Rand Paul & Eric Holder are Working Together on Criminal Justice Reform

The Smarter Sentencing Act is lauded in this ReasonTV video.

Hey Indiana: Why Not Fight Discrimination with Freedom?


In this C4SS Feed 44 video, the concept of fighting private discrimination with private freedom is introduced.

Ever Wanted to Go to Mars? Mars One Candidate Talks Exploration


One of the 100 finalists to go to the red planet via the Mars One mission is interviewed in this ReasonTV video.

Jerry Brown in Your Shower

In this Robert Murphy video, the libertarian economist expresses his distaste for the Governor of California.

Three Cheers for Volkswagen

By deceiving the EPA, the firm delivered cars that customers wished to buy. They deserve a medal; or so reasons today's Zero Governmenr Blog. Enjoy!

A Riot Broke Out and No One Was Surprised

Effective prison riots are reviewed in this C4SS Feed 44 video.

Do You Have a Right to Discriminate?


In this AdamKokesh video, the libertarian discusses the concept of discrimination with an everywoman on the street.

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