Is libertarianism the same as libertinism? Today's Zero Government Blog shows why not. Enjoy, and spread.

Schiff Petitions Supreme Court


It makes no difference in principle, whether any tax has or has not been "legalized" by the thieves. We know that.
Nonetheless, Boobus Americanus supposes that if the thief has sprinkled a tax with the holy water of a law compelling its collection, it's not really theft any longer so it's okay to fork over the loot demanded. Therefore if someone shows a purported tax law is not in fact a tax law at all - that it's a pretended law, a deception - said Boobus gets annoyed. His confidence in government is further eroded.
Such is the case with the Income Tax, and nobody has done more to expose the fact than Irwin Schiff, incarcerated since 2005 to keep him quiet.
This month, after appealing all over the map ever since and having exhausted all other avenues, is appealing to SCOTUS. It's a masterly composition, surprisingly concise. He has asked that copies be made as widely available as possible (yes, to Boobus) and there's one loaded today to
Go enjoy it; and please, disseminate.

Closed Border Keeps You IN

The coherence of the anti-immigration, pro-conspiracy theory libertarians is questioned in this Robert Murphy video.

Nevada Rancher Standoff: Government Corruption Exposed!

This Stefan Molyneux video exposes the Harry Reid corruption angle in the Bundy Ranch fiasco.

Block's Book Reviewed

Walter Block is a fine economist and prolific writer, and my favorite remains his Defending the Undefendable. But last month he came out with a new one: Toward a Libertarian Society.
Today I reviewed it in the Zero Government Blog. It's pretty good, but doesn't match the title.

What are You Doing About It?


Libertarian Adam Kokesh advises a listener about outreach strategy in this AdamKokesh video.

Lucy Steigerwald: Legalize ALL The Things!

In this video libertarian Lucy Steigerwald advocates for legalization of all narcotics.

Corporatism vs. Capitalism

Libertarian Daniel Rothschild clarifies the differences between corporatism and capitalism in this DanielTheSexiest video.

Tax Resistance

Refusal to pay government's taxes is a promising way to end its existence (although I favor one that is more effective and less hazardous.) But Gary North, that widely-honored supposed anarcho-capitalist, recently scorned that method and demeaned (as "witch doctors") those who commend it.
Today's Zero Government Blog presents a rebuttal. Enjoy!

Interview with Fernando Chiocca: Mises in Brazil


In this video, Jeffrey Tucker interviews a key player for Mises Brazil.

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