California Law Forces Chefs and Bartenders to Wear Gloves


This ReasonTV video confirms that the California State is a pioneer in nanny-state activism.



I find it very hard to understand what's going on in Kiev. Putin would clearly like the country to join his empire, and the McCain/Kerry duopoly clearly want it to join the West. The MSM say it's a quarrel about the bloc with whom the country should be aligned; the EU (West of the city) or Russia (to its East.)
But the longer the protest continues, the less I believe that. People don't fight and die for a rather abstract policy.
It's worth a couple of minutes to watch - a young lady on the protester's front lines explains what it's about. "We want to be free from the politicians, who work only for themselves", she says. "We are normal people... civilized people; but our government are barbarians."
Don't know how deep that runs, or whether these folk have a serious plan to overthrow the Yanukovitch regime and replace it with nothing; but on their face, those are pretty libertarian sentiments.

Special Video for My Valentine


Libertarian satire can be funny, as evidenced by this Julie Borowski video.

"What If" - Ron Paul's Classic 2009 Foreign Policy Speech

This RonPaulInstitute video proves that Ron Paul was, is, and shall remain a foreign policy prophet.

Winners & Losers


- from the government scam.
There's an interesting analysis out today in The Telegraph, here. I've not seen anything similar for the US, but this UK picture is probably not very different.
Notice, 40% are net losers and 60% are net winners. So long as that kind of majority is retained, the lambs are unlikely to outvote the wolves concerning the lunch menu.

Police Shoot, Kill 80-Year-Old Man in His Own Bed, Don't Find the Drugs They Were Looking For

We live in a police state, as documented in this ReasonTV video.

"WaPo Attacks Austrian Economics"

In this misesmedia video, Mark Thornton refutes the recent Washington Post attack on the Austrian school of economics.

Bitcoin Users Demolish an iPad and MacBook


In this Amanda Billyrock video, the libertarian activist and friends express their displeasure about Apple removing the popular Blockchain Bitcoin wallet app from its store.

Jesuit University Attacks Libertarian Professor; Help Fight Back!


The libertarian bestselling author requests assistance for embattled Professor Walter Block in this TomWoodsTV video.

Government Kills Man's Best Friend

Will Grigg has done it again. This time, the victim of government violence had four legs. Read about it and see the video clip here. The Labrador's dying yelp after Corporal Tarek Hassani had shot him has haunted me all day.
Hooch was barking, as dogs do when strangers approach. He had run around the cop car, but was back on his owner's lawn. He had been provoked by being kicked, but was not armed and did not retaliate, not even by chewing Hassani's ankle. But now he is dead.
The Filer, ID police chief Tim Reeves has exonerated the Corporal. So has the nearest government prosecutor. Some busybody had called Hassani to the scene because "dogs were running wild" and Filer has some law to say they have to be leashed. Day was, when an owner could decide whether his dog could or could not run free; nobody wants his dog killed by a vehicle so there is ample motivation to make the right decision. Yet after the dog murder, Hassani swore at the owner and wrote him a ticket for letting the dog run loose. There is no word yet on whether he will be made to pay for the bullet.
So it's yet another example of why government is utterly reprobate, beyond hope of taming. It has to go. The means are at hand.


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