That 80/20 Rule

The Left is making hay out of the Davos meeting; today's ZGBlog, with a bit of help, sets a match to it. The real question is not why so few control so much, but by what means people join the Few. Enjoy!

Religion, Murder and Government

One week ago the remaining cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo put out their Survivors' Edition, and I've obtained a copy. It's remarkable, and today's ZGBlog shows why.
Its print run was a hundred times normal, and almost all those it had satirized over the years joined 1.6 million marchers in Paris to express sympathy and support. Photos appeared to show 49 "world leaders" at the head of that march; later ones revealed that they had actually assembled with their bodyguards in a side street. To the marchers, the assassination had been an affront to free speech; to the politicians, it was just another photo-op. Then they went home and tightened restrictions on free speech.

No Justice, No Peace


It's elementary that one party to a dispute ought not to have charge of the resolution process; yet today government does have a monopoly on what it calls a "justice" system. So injustice prevails.
Often, though, it prevails even when the government has no special interest in the outcome, and today's Zero Government Blog explores a case in point. Happily, such cases are getting some public exposure.


The Parade of the Pols in Paris on Sunday, in front of that huge crowd just as if they were leading it, was meant to suggest they were heroic defenders of free speech.
The opposite is the case, and speech will be free only when they and their ilk have vanished. Today's ZGBlog describes that happy situation.



Feminism trumps ant-racism, as seen by today's Zero Government Blog.

Unnatural Migration

It brings long term stress and mayhem in its train. Guess who is its cause.
Two days after this was published, some of that stress and mayhem took vicious effect in the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo.

The workday after government

There is already a healthy trend away from what some call wage-slavery, and today's Zero Government Blog suggests that it will accelerate when the government era is over. A worldwide market of individuals and small firms will develop.
Find it as usual at, and enjoy a happy and successful 2015!

Torture is, as torture does

Recently Diane Feinstein accused Bush's government of carrying out torture. Bush's gang denies it all. I say she massively understated the extent of the problem, and show why, today in the ZGBlog.
I hope that during 2014 this revived Blog has helped some better grasp the importance of ending the government era, and wish all readers a happy and prosperous 2015. To adapt a traditional Jewish toast, "next year in liberty!"

Slaughter of Innocents


From King Herod soon after the first Christmas, to seven thugs in Peshawar two weeks before the present one, the drive to govern kills children. tells about the latter. Reader discretion advised.

What is Government For?


People often wonder. Here's the sordid answer.

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