RIP Robert Klassen

Robert Klassen passed away this past weekend.  I considered Bob a friend and inspiration, and will miss him.  He helped many writers in the freedom movement to find their voices by encouraging others to speak out with conviction.  Although his writing slowed down a lot these past few years due to health problems, he continued to help others with theirs.  His legacy may not be well known in media circles, but it is appreciated by all who were touched by him.  Rest in peace, Bob.
Here is his archive at LRC:

What About the Poor? Big Ideas Live! Recap with Mike Munger


Poverty is the topic of choice in this feeseminars video.

7 Creepy Robots for Cops

This ReasonTV video describes 7 anti-privacy "robots" utilized by the American Police State.

"3rd-Class Relic" from WTC Tours Detroit Suburb

On Memorial Day in St. Clair Shores, a parade of idolaters venerated a 3rd-class relic plucked from the debris of the World Trade Center. The 5-foot steel beam was adored as a 3rd-class relic by the faithful because tradition claims it touched the elbow of a first-responder on September 11.
The relic failed to achieve 2nd-class status because the State’s advocatus diaboli demonstrated that no first-responder actually used the I-beam on a daily basis, which is a requirement of 2nd-class status. Only the body of a saint (or part of it) can be a 1st-class relic. Rumor says the holy beam was smelted from Minnesota ore dug from an open pit next to a veteran’s cemetery. Tears were shed at the goading of hectors and costume-wearing acolytes.
In the wind-up to the parade, the holy I-beam was on solemn display at the St. Clair Shores Fire Department on Harper Road. No miracles reported. Here's the article from the Macomb Daily.

Education, On Demand: Economics, History, Philosophy, and More

A portal for ideas on demand is advertised in this Learn Liberty video.

Feds Punish Victims. Again.

In this case it was bankers. Or was it? - was it not rather us, who were pilfered so as to prop up the bankers? For sure, it has not so far been the actual perps, who fiddled the currency exchange markets while their employers were hammered by the new Attorney General.
Today, Fiddling the Forex tries to unscramble the mess. Enjoy.

Will Robots Take All the Jobs?

This ReasonTV video explores the robotic future.

Multiple Arrests & Racism at LAPD #BlackLivesMatter Protest

Libertarian Adam Kokesh provides commentary about an anti-LAPD protest in this video.

Generational Divide: CPAC Gets High and Gay Married

This ReasonTV video confirms that many CPAC members oppose "equal rights for everything".

Climate Hysteria


One of the few beneficiaries of the CA government's failure to furnish its residents with enough water - despite enjoying an 800-mile coastline to the world's biggest ocean, ready to be desalinated - is the set of mythologists who would persuade us that the globe is warming.
Today's ZGBlog places a spoke or two in their wheels. Enjoy.

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