New English nuke plant (like every other) can't be built without aggression

In EU approves funding for UK’s first nuclear plant for 20 years, we learn that ". . . the project has been highly criticised due to the government guaranteeing EDF a price per energy unit of more than twice the current wholesale cost in compensation for building the plant." Nuclear power has NEVER been a cost-effective way to generate electricity, and without government coercion (including the 1956 Price-Anderson Act in the US) we would have a LOT less radioactive contamination in the world and much more quickly-growing renewable power generation industries.

A Walk in Boston


Surprising what one can learn, from a simple perambulation.

Religion, State and War

Every day the headlines scream at us that these three are somehow related. Today's Zero Government Blog attempts to sort out how. Enjoy it here.

Capitalism, Real and Bogus

Human parrots, trained well by their government teachers, scream bloody murder against capitalists for pretty well everything wrong in the world - but never pause to say what they mean by "Capitalism."
So today's Zero Government Blog sets out to show the two separate and opposite kinds. You may find it a useful resource when in discussion with such folk. Enjoy it here.


It's good. Isn't it?  That depends on its direction, according to today's Zero Government Blog

Idle Plutocrats

Which of us would not take the chance to be one, if opportunity arose? - yet the Left, especially, rants on and on about the filthy rich, the 1% of Wall Street, who form the source of all our troubles.
Today's Zero Government Blog brushes foam from the mouth and gets down to the facts of the matter.

What if They Gave a War

and nobody came?
That splendid question from the 1960s is being resurrected in real life today. The FedGov wants to wage a war on ISIS (and then, probably, Syria) but no boots are being volunteered. Today's Zero Government Blog celebrates the situation.

Is Secession a Way to Liberty?


Scotland may break off from the rest of Britain, and a referendum to be held this week will decide. Is that a good thing for freedom? - the question is explored in today's ZGBlog, Och, Aye.

Provoking Another 9/11

In terms of increased power over the population, the payoff from 9/11 for the FedGov has been rich indeed. All it has been doing overseas for the last 13 years suggests it wants another one, and the Dear Leader's speech last night confirms he won't bother waiting for anything as tedious as permission from Congress as required by the supreme law.
That's the theme of It's That Date Again, out today as the ZGBlog.

The Rand Paul Betrayal


ISIS has been portrayed as such a vicious band of thugs that it's rather tempting to abandon one's principles of non-intervention and go bomb them back to the Stone Age. The question is quite a good test of whether one is, or is  not, committed to the zero-government ideal.
Last week, Rand Paul spectacularly failed that test. Details here, in today's ZGBlog.

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