A Dictatrix at Work


Under the heel of government, the way each of us relates to the other 200-odd governments in the world is fixed by an arrogant group of a few hundred in D.C. The results may be, and often are, fatal.
Even worse than that happens when one person takes over the function, and runs it without supervision. That's the real significance of what Hillary did when Secretary of State, and her conduct augurs ill for how she would operate in the White House, were she to get the chance; or so I reason in today's ZGBlog, subtitled The "Why" of Chappaqua.

Crime of the Century, but no remorse

"Love means never having to say you're sorry", according to a work of fiction. But there's another reason; to express sorrow is to admit fallibility, and gods and governments seldom do that, if ever. How else would they preserve the illusion that they are super-human, deserving of our worship?
So it is that Obama will shortly visit the site where his predecessor committed the greatest single Krime in history, yet avoid admitting he was wrong. Just in case he has a last-minute change of heart, today's Zero Government Blog offers a speech he could use.
I predict he won't, but will apologize if I'm wrong.

On the Minimum Wage and Inflation

Economist Gary Galles explains how the minimum wage affects immigration and why a wall would not help US workers in this video.

A Pinnacle of the Natural World

Last month I was astonished to read a comment on STR that attempted explicitly to deny the self ownership axiom!
Today's ZGBlog shows why the attempt was doomed to failure, but also what would have been some of the implications had it succeeded. I found some surprises; you may too.
Enjoy To Own is Natural.

Race, IQ and Liberty


In STR's Comments Department, there appeared recently the view that blacks are, relatively and on average, by nature so stupid and violent that there is negligible hope of their forming a voluntary society in the foreseeable future.
Today's Zero Government Blog lays that view to rest, six feet under.

The Show Goes Off-Script

- and is all the more amusing for the departure. Today's Zero Government Blog ridicules the election process, but concedes that it promises to be an entertaining summer. Enjoy Rulers Realigning?

Why You Might NOT Save a Child from Drowning

In this Learn Liberty video, a thought experiment is offered for your amusement.

A UK Decsion Point

A couple of months from now, Britons may vote to leave the EU. If they do, they will faintly foreshadow what it will be like when Americans repudiate all government; neighboring states may retaliate.
Today's ZGBlog, The Brexit, draws a comparison.

Delights to Come

Retta Fontana's excellent recent article Cash is King inspired me to write today's Zero Government Blog, to contrast the pleasures of the right of self-ownership today, even in the depths of the government era, with those of tomorrow when that era has been ended and that right can be exercised fully.
So, please enjoy Freedom, Now and Then.

Staying North

That's one of the vast range of benefits we'll enjoy in the coming zero government society; there will be no need for jobs to move to Mexico. So reasons Trade, Free and Managed, out today.

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