Jerry Brown in Your Shower

In this Robert Murphy video, the libertarian economist expresses his distaste for the Governor of California.

Three Cheers for Volkswagen

By deceiving the EPA, the firm delivered cars that customers wished to buy. They deserve a medal; or so reasons today's Zero Governmenr Blog. Enjoy!

A Riot Broke Out and No One Was Surprised

Effective prison riots are reviewed in this C4SS Feed 44 video.

Do You Have a Right to Discriminate?


In this AdamKokesh video, the libertarian discusses the concept of discrimination with an everywoman on the street.

Obama's "$2500" price drop for health insurance became a $4865 increase

Zerohedge reminds us that when government promises something, it pays to remember Ringo's Law: "Everything government touches turns to crap."

Rival Gods

We're familiar with the State being the enemy of the market, but the Pope's present visit to America is exposing the fact that the Church is also its enemy; or at least, his Roman Church. Today's Zero Government Blog explains how, in Bogus Pope, Bum Steer. Enjoy!

Meet the Man Building Elon Musk's 760 MPH Hyperloop

The CEO of the company building the Hyperloop is interviewed in this ReasonTV video.

Five Questions ("Government on Trial")


In this Larken Rose video, the libertarian asks five questions that statists cannot answer coherently.

Scientists Ask Obama To Prosecute Global Warming Skeptics

Having just read Mark Steyn's "A Disgrace to the Profession" (see my previous blog entry) I was even more horrified than I otherwise would have been to see that the cabal of "the science is settled" climate scientists (20 of them, in this case) is asking Obama to use the RICO act against their critics. I've written about the corruption that government involvement brings to science (and to everything it touches), but this is a new low.

Regulation Red Herring

The myth of an unregulated market is destroyed in this C4SS Feed 44 video.

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