Does Putin Spy on Russians? Featuring Edward Snowden


Russian State surveillance is explored in this AdamKokesh video.

Paul's Plan


Nobody is doing more than Ron Paul, to improve our current society and reduce government to the role the founders planned for it.
But that role is not by any means a zero government society, indeed it's the one that evolved into the present mess. Today's ZGBlog contrasts what appears to be his plan for liberty, to what is actually needed.

Costume Wearing Humans Kidnap & Cage Man for Filming

This James Cox video documents the arrest of a man filming a police encounter.

Would You Date a Robot?


A very important question is asked and answered in this AdamKokesh video.

Can't Improve on the NAP

It's not unusual, alas, for people in the "libertarian quadrant" to fail to do their homework and get key ideas clear in their minds. But after having done that, it's very rare indeed for someone to quit. Those ideas are so well founded, it's impossible to forget or deny them.
But there's an exception to every rule, and today's Zero Government Blog is written for one: Message to an Ex-Left-Lib. Enjoy.

Did Someone Say McThor's?

This c4ssvideos video explores crony capitalism.

NH Suspends Vanity Plates

I don't know whether David Montenegro of Dover, NH is a Porcupine, but if not he should be given an honorary membership. In May, he won a Supreme Court case against the DMV that had refused to issue him a car vanity plate bearing the message COPSLIE. Also declined were GOVTLAZ and GOVTSUX. Courts have, of course, repeatedly indemnified cops who blatantly lie.
So now, according to the Valley News, the DMV won't issue any at all, for GOVTSUX is as true as it gets. Embarassed by publication of the way it is, apparently government in these parts will hide the truth.
Vanity plates cost $40. I can think of a few bumper-stickers that would do the job for a lot less.

First 3D Printed House?

3D printing technology is briefly explored in this AdamKokesh video.

A Century of Slaughter

Idiots ought not to have control of lethal weapons. In the case of individuals there is often insuperable difficulty in identifying in advance who is the idiot needing to be disarmed; in the case of governments there is no such dilemma. Today's Zero Government Blog relates the malignant stupidity of governments a century ago, this current year, and in several of the years in between.

ATTN POLICE: Enough Already with the Jaywalking Stings!

This ReasonTV video questions the police trend of arresting people for jaywalking.

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