UN Arms Trade Treaty: Every US Senator Must Be Held Accountable


In this LibertyInOurTime video, Bill Jasper calls for the US Senate to reject the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

The Kafka-like Persecution of Julian Assange
[Remember when WikiLeaks was new and some libertarians -- including a few at STR -- insisted it was a disinformation / distraction tool of the power elite? Well, Assange is still on the run, in a "can't leave the premises" kind of way, and WikiLeaks continues to oppose and expose the power elite. -- Glen]
"In an era when powerful institutions demonize decent people – and the mainstream media joins in, piling on the abuse – legal proceedings have become another Kafka-esque weapon of coercion. Few cases are more troubling than the persecution of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, as John Pilger describes."

It's Showtime!

The next presidential election is still 16 months away but the trailers are coming out now.  Of course, I don't vote but still find it hard not to watch the Biggest Show on Earth for its entertainment value.  Donald Trump is the most entertaining clown in the Big Show.   His presence is the only way that Hillary can beat Bush III next November when Trump ends up running as an "Independent".  Hillary has done enough elite bidding to be the next annointed one while Bush III positions himself to make her a one-term president.  Do the Koch brothers really think this will hurt The Donald or is it all just part of The Big Show script?  It is so difficult to determine when the players on this stage are complete idiots or evil geniuses.  The Show must go on!

Why Petrostates Make Bad Allies

In case you were unaware, the many reasons petroStates are poor allies are detailed in this catoinstitutevideo video.

The Slave Owners' Motivation

Coincidentally this week has brought two good STRticles about slavery, and today's ZGBlog aguments them with remarks about why plantation owners bought slaves instead of hiring laborers for wages. Was it cheaper, or not? Could slavery rear its head again, after government has evaporated?
Enjoy The Slave Trade, here.

Cab Cartels are History

Politicians, and socialists in general, hate anything that the state can't control and tax. How long before there is an Uber-like app for healthcare?

The Dangers of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Secret "Trade" Agreement


In this LibertyInOurTime video, William Jasper exposes the secretive nature of the TPP.

Sex Offender Brunch!

How the criminal justice system tramples on the rights of people charged with sex crimes is explored in this ReasonTV video.

UN Arms Trade Treaty Targets Our Freedom


In this LibertyInOurTime video, William Jasper quotes the UN Arms Trade Treaty in an attempt to show that it would diminish American freedoms.

Zombie Nation


A pessimistic view of the United States is delivered via song in this video.

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