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Gold Price Probe Extended to Deutsche Bank

By German regulators, not American.  Maybe the Germans want to find out why it will take seven years for the NY Fed to return their gold.  After being caught manipulating LIBOR, forex rates and energy prices and selling fraudulent mortgages, surely the banksters wouldn't manipulate the price of precious metals when they meet twice a day in the Rothschild offices to set the fix, right?  link

Another Victory For the Market!

Something similar happened to me after my recent 2.5-hour wait at the DMV office...not!  link

Life Imitates Art

"SNL" skit mocking Obamacare website correctly predicted only six people would sign up for insurance on the first day.  This after the federal government spent at least $500 million on it.  Remember, these are the same people who want to control the life-and-death decisions about your health care. 


I have often wondered who the morons are that Barry uses as background props during one of his pep rally speeches.  Where do they find these people?  They always look like a carefully selected group of responsible, ordinary Americans that also covers every demographic category with just the right number of people.  Are they useful idiots?  Fellow travelers?  The outpatient ward for the recently lobotomized?  This article shows that it's all a fraud, with most being comrades and people who have had nothing to do with Obamacare.  Note the retreads from previous events and the deceitful biography.  How shameful to allow yourself to be used in such a way.      



I was reading an article about Halloween costumes for pets.  It said, "These pets [shown in the photos] like wearing costumes, but yours may not.  Never force your pet to do something it does not want to do."  Does that advice apply equally to humans, or just to animals?

There Is No Debt Ceiling Until Feb. 7


IMF Lays the Groundwork for Global Wealth Confiscation


Got gold?  link

Putin Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Hell, why not?  Anything goes in this upside down world.  Didn't Barry win it after a couple of weeks as President?  link

Indian Govt. Eyes Hindu Temple Gold

"Sounds like a brilliant plan. Take wealth that was accumulated over thousands of years and sell it for an electronic unit of exchange that Ben Bernanke can create in infinite quantities with a single keyboard stroke.  Can people possibly be this stupid?"  link

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