Police have no shame

The video camera has pulled the curtain back to allow more people to see how those who swore to protect and serve the people who pay their salaries (cough, cough) truly act.  After the cop last week shot a man in the back, 8 times, and then the cop planted his Taser next to the body of the man he murdered in cold blood to support his bald faced lie that he "feared for his life", it was a passerby taking a video that revealed the truth.  As cowardly as shooting a man in the back for no reason is, how about beating up a pregnant women?  A team of uniformed thugs invaded a pregnant woman's home in Texas with the purpose of kidnapping her 18 month old child.  When she had the courage to ask for a warrant, the response was "We don't need no stinking warrant!" as they forced their way in and beat her for her trouble before arresting her and taking her child.  Luckily, for the truth, a home surveillance video captured it.  Be warned, watching this video may make you sick: