Marc Stein Spells Out Chickenhawk Family Values

Today, military-socialist Marc Steyn sat in for Rush Blablaugh (remember, he's the guy who forced his maid to score drugs for him while castigating drugs and cheering the drug war) and criticized Bowe Bergdahl's father for doing all he could to save his son's life--and possibly his son's mind. His mind? Remember, his son has been a captive for years, and when US-government employees keep you captive as at Guantanamo, they wreck your mind with sensory deprivation and isolation. This happens to people in captivity for long periods. Anyway, the senior Berglahl studied Islam and grew a terrorist beard. Yes. That alone should get the TSA on him according to Steyn.
Apparently that beard-growing and studying, and the audacity of Bowe's father to try to understand those who held his son captive for coming to their country to kill them, was far too evil for his saintliness, Mark Steyn. And besides, Bowe's father was learning to speak Arabic--you know, the language designed for terrorists! How dare any American step outside of the English sandbox! Treason! Treason to language! He had no business trying to learn anything about the people who controlled the destiny of his son. Apparently, Steyn would have preferred that this father act like so many real American patriot hero chickenhawk dads. He should encourage his son to abandon his career, go on the socialist government payroll, eat tax dollars, take orders from people who obey politicians, and, if possible, go off to kill people far away and maybe face death if they dare to fight back with weapons that are no match for the arsenal brought by the hero Americans. Doesn't Bowe's father realize that even though the vast majority of casualties in the war are innocent bystanders, his son should be forgotten? Surely his son should never have evolved after witnessing the many lies unravel in that war as innocent civilians were killed by drones operated by pimply-faced teenagers in a trailer park in the California desert. That's the American Way.
So Bowe's father should just sit home and wait for a flag to wrap around his conscience to protect it from reality. Don't you just love conservative family values in Steyn's America?


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