Is It Time for Citizen Arrests of Lockdown Governors?

And let’s not forget to do the same with their attorneys general and co-conspiring unelected health-department bureaucrats. In the year 2020, “I was just following orders” should not be a credible defense – at least not since Adolf Eichmann tried to use it during his war-criminal trial, as recorded in 1963 by Hannah Arendt in “Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil.”
I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t pretend to understand the ins and outs of capturing, confining, and bringing to trial political miscreants suffering from a perfect storm of hubris colliding with lock-downer syndrome and membership in the Covid Cult (hat tip to Tom Woods) of pseudo-science. Nonetheless, it seems that a few steps can be taken legally to end the violation of our human right to earn a living and pursue happiness. Either way, it has to stop, now.
Politicians such as Gretchen “The Wretched” Whitmer of Michigan are drunk with power and from force-feeding themselves gigantic gobs of their own bloated narcissism and blinkered, solipsistic views on what constitutes “relevant facts worth considering” to produce “safety.” To produce safety, which is not the primary task of government despite today’s myth-making, they’ve confined their cognitive purview to the sketchy and ever-changing notions about a novel virus. By circumscribing their empathy to a tiny circle, they have refused to consider the mental health status of people now suffering from social deprivation and suicidal ideation, the fundamental and primary value of human freedom and human agency as the hallmarks of individual rights, and the critical importance of life-sustaining economic activity as the basis for all human flourishing and life itself (and the first to be dismissed by the tax-stuffed dictators and their minions with no “skin in the game”).
Having acknowledged the skewed and purposely limited scope of “relevant” information worth “considering” by these authoritarians and their spiteful Jacobin supporters:

  • Why not issue a countdown deadline – a short one, like 24 hours -- on the governors and attorneys general in lockdown states, warning them to turn themselves in at a designated location or, if they want to avoid arrest by a citizen search party, immediately cease and desist from their human-rights-violating activities?
  • Why not assemble a citizens’ posse to apprehend and confine these governors in a location where they can do no further harm to anyone except themselves until a trial can be arranged – perhaps housing them in one of the nursing homes they seemed so ready to choose for others as incarceration centers?
  • Why not suspend the tax-funded paychecks of state employees who make these decisions and enforce them – at a minimum garnishing their wages to match the economic devastation they imposed on restaurateurs, gym owners, dance studios, theaters, bars, and any number of small businesses, particularly the ones that were not politically connected enough to enrich themselves on the recent helicopter money-drops or able to gain a mail-order monopoly on the sale of goods while their competitors’ doors were shuttered by colluding public officials?
  • Why not ask ourselves why people who have no financial “skin in the game” should make any decisions whatsoever that apply to those who become their political targets – whether as politicians or as spiteful voters?
  • Why not exact a punitive, prevention-oriented financial dismemberment of those who made and enforced these decisions to molest the citizenry? Like other kinds of molesters – whether sexual predators who prey on adults or child molesters, there is no data to show that those who seek to gain power over others by means of the political process will – or even can -- resist the criminal tendencies related to the libido dominandi (the desire of having power) once they have had a taste of it. After all, have they not extended the lockdowns month after month, despite their initial promise to limit their molestation to only a couple of weeks? The preventive effect of setting a good example against this evil is worth more than any pile of promises from the lips of a politician. One might even say it’s “priceless.”
  • Why not consider an ethical review of healthcare “professionals,” such as Dr. Strangelove Fauci, who have violated the admonishment primum non nocere (first do no harm) by exceeding their scope of competence? They have issued a series of contradictory mandates that place a smothering pillow (“It’s for your own good, dear, now be quiet!”) over the vast array of activities that constitute an entire civilization – a civilization which they and nobody else, for that matter, can fully comprehend in its immensity and complexity much less control with any pretense of wisdom. Didn’t we already learn this lesson from the Soviets, the Communist Chinese, the Cubans, and the North Koreans?

State by state, isn’t it time that lawyers make use of their state-bar-association-related legal monopolies and prove that Shakespeare’s suggestion about lawyers was mere hyperbole: “…first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” (Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2)?