Finally, A News Organization That's Not a Government Agency Pretending to Be One?

This is great news that Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras are joining forces with multimillionaire Pierre Omidyar to resurrect journalism with their new venture. I wonder if the various PR arms of the government -- like the Washington Post and New York Times -- will have to compete for eyes in the future. Or will they be driven offshore as GovCo increases its lockdown on information? Is the market working in spite of having its legs broken?


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This is great news.

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It could, indeed, be tremendous. Greenwald is second only to Snowden as Man of the Year, and now we have two major or potentially major news outlets beyond the direct control of the Goebbels Club: this new one under Pierre Omidyar and the Washington Post (!) now owned by Jeff Bezos.
Neither is known as an uncompromising libertarian, but both are successful entrepreneurs and so have at least one foot in the real world.