Edward Snowden's Christmas Message and Its Antithesis

On this Christmas day, when Edward Snowden releases his Christmas message, it is appropriate to also provide an example of the antithesis of the Snowden message. And by antithesis, I do not mean opposite. I mean a countering thesis in the dialectic process that is meant to undermine and de-fang and deflect and derail the impact of the vital message of Edward Snowden about the cancerous rot that lies at the center of the military-industrial-congressional-surveillance complex that now rules the United States and—through it—seeks to dominate the rest of this planet.
Any barroom brawler with a knee-jerk “patriotic” opinion can be immediately recognized as a Boobus americanus of H.L. Mencken vintage. We can count on such beings to spit out the latest propaganda. But it takes a particularly chameleon-like “creature of the state” (see chapter 7 of Rothbard’s For a New Liberty)—one such as University of Chicago Professor of Law Geoffrey Stone—to understand how the dictators of our time will attempt to sideline the growing movement against government totalitarianism. In my recent article about Professor Stone, you’ll note his tiresome fear of anything that could “damage national security,” which he holds so much closer to heart than liberty. Benjamin Franklin already rendered an apt judgment of creatures such as Professor Stone.
Let us hope that by tomorrow, on the Feast of Saint Stephen, we have fully digested the meaning and significance of Edward Snowden’s message about privacy, freedom, and what it means to be a human being.