Word Spreading


I enjoy commenting on the very lively on-line forum run by The Guardian, and encourage Root Strikers to join me. Large numbers of left-of-center readers see what is posted. That is the newspaper that broke the Snowden story.

There is a system of "recommendations." You like a post, you give it thumbs-up. If one of mine receives a few, I know my day was not wasted. If one gets double digits, I'm very gratified. If my score hits 25 or 30, I'd go dancing in the street; if, that is, the lane outside could be called a "street" and if I could dance. Neither applies.

This week, one of mine attracted over three hundred. Seems I hit the jackpot, by scorning Obama's current hissy-fit against Putin. It included a link to a good LRC article on the subject.