When to Flout Laws

Government laws need have no moral significance at all, being merely the opinions of other people. They ought to be ignored... but for the most part, not yet. That's the reasoning in today's Zero Government Blog, A Time to Break Laws. Enjoy, and beware advice to the contrary.


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I never think in terms of "obeying" or "disobeying" when it comes to the white man's (thanks, Russell Means) "laws". I only think of consequences. But I will not live in fear. The white man is rather stupid when you boil it all down. He is as afraid of me as I could be of him -- one-to-one. The problem Irwin Schiff had was his lust to flaunt his understanding under the white man's nose -- knowing full well the man would bring in all his associates to quash him.

When you're talking about government, you're talking about gang warfare. Individually they're all cowards. Collectively they can overwhelm.

There is a correct and right way for me to live my life. I want, for instance, for you to like me. Therefore, I will not be rude, unkind or disrespectful towards you or those with whom you're associated and for whom you care. I won't attempt to swindle you or take your belongings. Simple stuff. It's not fun to live in a world where I'm not liked or accepted or respected by those with whom I have interchange.

But I always believe a man with a loaded gun. Or woman. And I fully understand that there is no such thing as "jurisdiction". Only loaded firearms, willing to do great bodily harm at the drop of a hat.

So, the path to liberty is mainly learning to sidestep and circumnavigate being fired upon. Sam

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Well said, Sam. Balancing sound principles to live by with successful survival strategies to go on living typically lead one to "fly under the radar" whenever possible.

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White people are stupid? Care to expand on that?

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I did not say "white people are stupid". I'm not collectivist. Anybody who implies "white" or "black" or in-between races of individuals have lower intelligence or capabilities are themselves impudent collectivists (as I see it -- I can't be the judge of anyone but me).

I use a term, the-white-man, in deference to an epithet used by the late Russell Means and his genre when referring to presumed "authority". I suppose that had to do with the fact that people of generally lighter skin reportedly arrived on this ("America") continent, had their butts rescued from starvation and privation by the friendly but generally darker skin inhabitants (who had already been residents here for many generations); then had the arrogance to declare that they had "discovered America". Since they didn't know where they had landed, they had the rudeness to refer to the inhabitants as "Indians" -- a badge of white man's ignorance that remains to this day.

And, to show their appreciation, those "white" men and women collectively elected for themselves leaders who led their hordes to butcher themselves across those same people's homeland and claim it for themselves: "our-great-nation". A vestige of that carnage will be acted out once again in a bread-and-circus "election" this next fall (November, Gregorian) Sam

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Well, when you said: "The white man is rather stupid when you boil it all down." could lead to making that conclusion, tho.