A Wake-up Call


Today's Zero Government Blog is longer than most, and details the great danger to liberty in the view that nobody has any rights.

The STR Mission Statement says that it exists to "advance the cause of liberty", and Murray Rothbard identified as the "primary axiom" of the libertarian "the universal right of self ownership." Since Paul Bonneau and Alex Knight have repeatedly and emphatically denied the truth of that axiom, they have placed themselves in opposition to STR's mission and ought therefore to be relieved of their membership.

The Blog is titled Warning! Poison!


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I had an epiphany today that might be a good thing for world "leaders" to remember.

I heard that our President Elect was going to meet with the Dalai Lama soon, and I would like to suggest (probably to His Holiness rather than The Donald) that during their meeting, they ought to hold hands (both hands dammit, come on) and maintain eye contact throughout the entire conversation. Wouldn't it be fantastic if all the important things were decided that way? It is seriously doubtful that in that level of connection, anything but the truth could possibly be told. Try it sometime with someone you care for.

Say what? Dude there is no fucking way either you or I is going to get away with a lie in that setting. Try that shit with Wolfy Shitzer or Anderson Pooper. Hands pulled back, eyes subverted.

That is all that is needed to propagate liberty and test the intention of the aspirant. It's why we are here, to hold hands and lock eyes, just for a moment, and then carry on till we meet again. Or never part, and carry on.


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Good idea. I accept.

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I once saw it put forth that "leaders" (war-mongering psychopaths) should be forced under penalty of death to do their Reichskonkordat bare-ass naked. Sam

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It's now been a week since you posted your peacemaker proposal, which I accepted at once; but there's no response from Alex. I conclude he is not interested in reconciliation.

It might well have succeeded regarding the many harsh lies he wrote about me personally; those I'm ready to forgive as soon as he withdraws them, and so resume our former friendship. The clash of ideas, though, would have been much harder. Either humans have the right of self ownership or we don't; these are logical opposites and this one is vitally important, as explained in Warning! Poison!  There is no way to turn A into Non-A.

Even so, it would have been right to try (though properly dressed, Sam, thank you) and you, Enoch, made a worthwhile attempt. Be happy.

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For the good reasons stated in this ZGBlog, I asked Rob, STR's Editor, to cancel the membership of Bonneau and Knight. He has declined.

There's quite an irony here. Rob owns the STR site, so is entitled to do with it as he pleases, including driving it off a cliff and contradicting his own Mission Statement. I deplore his decision, for STR has been a major asset to freedom, but support fully his right to control its future. As Hope said to Miss Daisy, "It's yaw chicken!"

Paul and Alex, on the other hand, are no doubt celebrating his decision even as they maintain he has no rights, and therefore no right to make it.

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