US Drones Bomb Silk Road

They are the kind of drones who inhabit plush offices at our expense, awaiting fat pensions while doing work for which in the coming free society there will be zero demand.
In a triumphant announcement yesterday the FBI boasted they had raided and closed down the popular on-line mood-enhancement retailer called Silk Road, by arresting the alleged owner Ross Ulbricht of San Francisco. This PBS News Hour report showed how Silk Road used TOR to enable customers to surf safely to their site, and Bitcoin to make confidential purchases. The fellow explaining that procedure was a little man with big hands and a silly hat, and as an example of caricature propaganda his performance would have earned Dr Goebbels a commendation from his Leader.
The transcript does not say, however, that either Bitcoin or TOR have in some way been closed down. Maybe so, maybe not. The bombers have, unfortunately, introduced an element of doubt. The market is springing to offer replacements.
The incident removes all shadow of doubt, if any remained, that government is implacably hostile to free enterprise, honest money, privacy and self-directed ingestion. It is utterly beyond hope of redemption or reform. There is zero alternative to its total eradication. The way to achieve that in short order is presented here. If you're not taking part, start now.


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The state, like the ocean tides,  never rests when there are law breakers and unregulated money about. Sigh.

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Update: Bitcoin's exchange rate with the dollar took a hit following the raid, but has already largely recovered. See chart here.

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Further update: it seems TOR is FedGov-funded. See this comment and the article it follows.

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Yet a further update! - Bitcoin featured on Friday in a quite sympathetic segment on PBS' News Hour. Presenter Paul Solmon is as unreconstructed a Keynesian as you might ever meet, but his piece was quite balanced. Is there a second shoe somewhere, ready to drop?