Staying North

That's one of the vast range of benefits we'll enjoy in the coming zero government society; there will be no need for jobs to move to Mexico. So reasons Trade, Free and Managed, out today.


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    "...The blame lies squarely upon government, with unions close behind..."

As usual, Jim, your essay is absolutely on target. The incestuous intertwining of those brainless abstractions we call "government", and "unions", and "churches" is incredible. All, in their own light, are superstitions pure and simple. And all work together to wreak havoc upon those who worship at their alters -- the state being the most egregious of them all, since all of what we like to call "jurisdiction" rests with the firearms and the firepower in the hands of their agents.

The enormity of the truth is unbelievable. You do an excellent job of bringing it to the surface for exposure to all who will listen. Thanks for another good article. Sam

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Thank you, Sam, very gracious.