Paraphrasing Groucho Marx,

last week in effect I told STR "Please accept my resignation. I don’t care to belong to any club that will have Paul Bonneau as a member."

Nonetheless, several Root Strikers kindly commented to say they wished I wouldn't go. So I've figured out how those good folk can have their cakes and eat them too.

I've reactivated the Zero Government Blog. I plan to post articles there more than once a week, so anyone who'd like to read them can bookmark and get the RSS feed provided. Then RSS will send a reminder when anything new appears.

Today the Zero Government Blog shows a welcome-back message, and tomorrow, all being well, will appear the first of the new articles - this one, about the MH 370 mystery.

There's a link easy to memorize which also takes one there:

On the site is an archive of previous pieces from a couple of years ago, and authors eager to end the government era, as well as argue about how bad it is, are invited to submit new articles.