Manning to be Liberated

I just learned that Bradley Manning is to be released next May; outgoing President Obama has commuted 28 years of his vicious sentence. So at long last and in the very nick of time, Obama did something right!
Bradley was the subject of the very first edition of the Zero Government Blog, back on July 31st 2010 - so I'm particularly pleased. He had inter alia blown the whistle on the FedGov's funneling of taxpayer dollars to its alleged enemies, so as to prolong war and with it, the illusion that we need it for "defense".
The incredible stress he must have suffered since has messed him up so badly that he now calls himself Chelsea and wants to be a woman. I would like to see the Clinton Foundation pay for a course of gender-confusion treatment after his release, but it looks as if Trump may have missed an opportunity to cause that to happen - see #5 here. Snowden and Assange, meanwhile, have been passed over. But if one out of three is the best Obama can do, it's better than nothing.