The Lone Gunner

It's fifty years ago today since you-know-what, and although generally I'm slow to assume a conspiracy (I'm still awaiting a credible and reasonably coherent MIHOP theory for 9/11 for example) I do join the 61% who still think Oswald didn't act alone.
The mainstream media (MSM) have been busy this month trying to convince this 61% to change our minds, and that makes me wonder: why bother?
Suppose arguendo that they are right; that Lee Oswald was a low-life with big ideas and small talent, who wanted to gain immortality by doing an historic thing. Jacob Hornberger has an interesting take on that, by the way, here on FFF. If it were so, the killing would be a tragedy like all deaths, but not much more. Why the fuss? - methinks the MSM doth protest too much.
Cui bono? - a long list; LBJ gained the Presidency, and by re-activating the Vietnam war he gained a fortune from his holdings in military contractor firms. The whole Military Industrial Complex likewise gained huge business. The CIA was pulled back from the very brink of JFK-planned extinction. The Mafia gained vengeance on the power behind RFK, who had double crossed it by waging war on it after it had favored his brother by getting out the graveyard vote in Cook County as a favor to their old bootlegger buddy Joseph, the brothers' pa.
And who were best placed to choreograph the assassination? - the very same list.
Now, if the great American public formed a fixed opinion that a President, his intelligence staff, his friends in industry, and some of the most distinguished godfathers in American crime had all systematically conspired to commit murder, frame a patsy, and fool us all for half a century, the tatters of confidence in the established order would be swept away.
So, they worry :-)


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Until this week I didn't appreciate the importance of how the Connallys recalled the shooting.
The Governor said that after hearing the first shot he "immediately feared an assassination attempt and turned to his right to look back to see the President. He looked over his right shoulder but did not catch the President out of the corner of his eye so he said he began to turn back to look to his left when he felt a forceful impact to his back. He stated to the Warren Commission: "I immediately, when I was hit, I said, “Oh, no, no, no.” And then I said, “My God, they are going to kill us all.” He looked down and saw that his chest was covered with blood and thought he had been fatally shot. Then he heard the third and final shot, which sprayed blood and brain tissue over them." (Wikipedia.) His wife Nellie confirmed this recollection.
The point: he heard shot #1, then turned, then was himself hit. You don't turn and look behind you, after being shot in the back and the wrist; nor do you continue holding your hat using that wrist. Therefore it's not possible that he was hit by the first shot. Therefore the "magic bullet theory" is false, despite the Discovery Channel's vigorous attempt to show that one bullet could (had the timing been different) have passed through both men. The Zapruder film confirms the sequence and timing.
Since there were only three shots from the Depository and since one of them missed the limo, it follows that there were at least four in total and therefore that more than one shooter was at work. Nobody has suggested that there was any kind of non-governmental conspiracy, so the remarks in my Blog apply.