How to Donate a Billion


Gary North sometimes gets it wrong IMHO, but today he's posed a great question: how would you give away a billion dollars? Well worth reading, and he promised to answer his own question tomorrow.
He shows some of the hazards of giving such a huge amount to organizations that are doing good work now; how does one make sure they continue doing so? A tough one.
I think my own answer would be either to set up a venture capitalist firm and pick some crackerjack managers, or else fund SAVOG: the so-far unfunded Society to Assist Victims of Government. There would be no danger of money remaining unspent in that one. The venture-cap idea would cause all manner of benefits to reach a vast number of people over many, future years. Possibly half to one, half to the other.
There's an obvious option: to give it to organizations best poised to bring about a free society; but that's not even on my short list. A free society will come about as a result of this process, and in no other way - and it doesn't need any money at all.


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North's plan for giving away a billion bucks is shown here, and it is definitely creative. I'd missed the international dimension, but will stick with my original choices.
How did you do?