Government's "Justice" Monopoly Cracking?


Popular opinion holds that even if it does nothing else, government must operate a justice system.
Today's ZGBlog relates the story of one man's harrowing experience, that demonstrates how rotten that system is. One more nail in its coffin; enjoy A Little Good News.


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Perhaps it's because I'm in one of those not-so-good "moods" this morning. But I'm convinced that the vast, overwhelming majority of individuals have been so sucked in to the lust for central political "authority", over so lengthy of a time period (hundreds of "generations"), that nothing -- nothing -- will exorcise them other than a complete and cataclysmic collapse of their "system". That is not going to be pretty.

You did your normal excellent job, Jim, of outlining the situation with this analogue. Most have seen this video (statist to the core, but entertaining and truthful -- from the mouths of babes). Nobody should ever at any time and for any reason ever talk to "police".

And it is more essential than ever before that more of us see the light and abstain from beans. Sam

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Sam, you've put your finger on a vital point: can the State be rolled back to zero?
Yes, it's been around for about 400 generations - and on its present scale in the US for about 4 generations. We face a big job.
The first para of "A Little Good News" links to a ZGBlog showing why and how I think it can be done, even so. I know of no other way. My book Transition to Liberty details the likely progress. But what of the alternative you name: a "cataclysmic collapse of their 'system'"?
Several times in recent history, states have collapsed; often after losing a war. In every case, government either continued (eg Zambia) or was replaced (eg Germany.)
So will you spell out how a total collapse here would necessarily produce a free society?

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An interesting article by Chris Cantwell a few months back, and an interchange on "Liberty Me" forum this morning, sort of point up a few of the communication problems facing the idea that liberty and freedom, like religion, can be proselytized.

    "...So will you spell out how a total collapse here would necessarily produce a free society?..."

I'm not a prognosticator, Jim -- merely an observer. And I'm not a believer that "recent history" is as accurate a predictor of outcomes as it once might have been, in this age of Internet Reformation. More, perhaps, later. Sam

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I'm beginning not to care about proselytization.

And instead turning things on their head and earn only Bitcoin (converted and stored as metal) and create a non-profit to handle property taxes (non-profits are exempt where I am).

I'm thinking of having the non-profit focus on home schooling and the needs of home schooling families (which may do some little towards inoculating against statism).

Forget this free future, I want it for my family now. With technology it is beginning to seem a lot easier to do what I'm calling "live sovereign in plain sight".

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Mishochu, I read countless articles daily such as this and this, and this; and I want to think that you and I and all anarchists and libertarians are on the cutting edge of something very, very big. That's on my "good" days. That's when I'm encouraged by the Internet Reformation.

Then, a day or two later, reality sets in. Our numbers are dismal by comparison. And even among ourselves we're needy to gee and haw with the machinations of psychopaths hiding under the mantle of "state" in order to sidestep the beast. "Non-profits" are strictly state devices to assure -- or ensure -- "voluntary compliance", or conformance. Yet I strongly encourage what you're doing to encourage homeschooling and inoculate against statism.

Don't get me wrong -- we individuals declaring sovereign statehood can't ignore the serfdom that has encapsulated all our neighbors, friends and families. We have to manipulate and mold our lives to keep the dangerously armed agents in state costumes off our backs. I've often used the rattlesnake analogy -- I can't or shouldn't go to the woods (in the snake-infested part of the world where I grew up) without adequate leg, hand and arm protection.

Can we preach and teach our "society" into freedom in order for we ourselves to experience freedom? I strongly agree with you: for me anyway, I have to be free. Today. Here. Where I'm "at". I'm strongly into octogenarian-ism. I don't have time to wait for the world around me to achieve liberty and freedom.

If it's going to be, it's up to me. Now. Sam

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Great thinking, mishochu, and good luck. But why not have both?
Statists will certainly extinguish liberty whenever they can; just give them time. Consider: "non-profit" is a term that they define. When they see "too many" people taking advantage of that status, they will change its meaning or just repeal the loophole.
There is no alternative: government must go, 100%. If not, you may raise your children well, only for them to grow up into a world in which freedom is impossible.