About a year ago, front and center on the STR home page appeared an appeal for $9,000 to bring Drupal up to date. It's the software driving this site.
Quite quickly someone pledged $2,000, and ever since the notice has appealed for the remaining $7,000.
But some time this month that notice disappeared. Does that mean the money has been found? In that case, might not the benefactor(s) be named and thanked? Or if it hasn't, what consequences follow?
I notice also that last week, the site's response performance was very poor, and this morning that comments about a "misfortune" said to have struck Samarami have appeared and disappeared, as if the site is unstable. Are these events related to an obsolescence in Drupal?
Inquiring minds would like to know.


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I asked the admin if there was a reason the price of an upgrade was $9000, I never got a reply back. I know how to perform the upgrade (or even to switch this entire site over to wordpress if the owner is ever interested). Plus I have an interest in keeping the site available and would do it for free. I don't really contribute articles but that would be something. It certainly shouldn't be $9K to upgrade from one version to another and I'd be interested to know if someone quoted him this price or if there are other issues (hardware?) that aren't readily apparent.