The Danger of Trusting Government


Wonderful thing, the Internet! Surfing happened to lead me to the story of Robert Kahre. He's in prison now,  where he may stay until 2023, having committed the grave error of trusting what the government said.
He was a Vegas businessman, but paid his employees a pittance. He was never charged with violating minimum wage laws, for none of them complained; but typically he was paying only about $1.25 an hour. Very surprising that anyone would work for him.
But they did, because he paid them with government money in the form of one-ounce gold coins clearly embossed with "50 dollars", about once a month. Such a low wage didn't trigger any "reporting requirements", and that was what got up the government's snout.
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If this doesn't expose the true nature of the monster we're dealing with, nothing does.

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Here is an old but parallel story of Bernard von NotHaus, whom I believe is still "on the outs" pending sentencing.

Never, never, never trust any statement or meme emanating from government agents or their press cohorts. Ever. Sam.