The Big Con

Perhaps it's the smoothest con-job in history; Jefferson's assertion that our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness needs for its security the guardianship of the most egregious violator of rights.
Today's Zero Government Blog exposes the con, as The Great Non-Sequitur. Enjoy!


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    '...It was true (in 1776 as today) that governments exist - "are instituted" - but not one of them anywhere had as its raison d'être the task of securing those rights of the people they ruled - absolutely the contrary, in fact....'

As is normal for you, Jim, this is an exceptionally insightful essay.

I've ceased for many years the practice of the many political ("Independence Day", or "Cinco de Mayo") type propaganda events. As I posted a couple days ago, I see them as no more than reinforcements for the legitimacy of government -- their wars and and other egregious political actions -- including what was likely (how will any of us ever know for certain?) another of the ever-increasing false-flag events up in Dallas this week.

I've felt (and so commented) for years that many of us neglect to take the Omni-propagandized idea of the "legitimacy of central political power" (a religion, in my opinion -- as well as the opinions of Wendy McElroy, Larkin Rose, and a number of others) back to its inception. Murray Rothbard alluded to it in his "Anatomy Of the State", his inspiration of which perhaps stemmed from his studies of our old friend, Lysander Spooner.

What we perceive as "government" no doubt began back and long prior to the likes of Genghis Khan and even Attila the Hun. Early conquerors might encircle and besiege a peaceful city. In time they would breach the walls of the city. Once the struggle ended, the conquerors would proceed to rape the women. They would then slaughter all the men, women and children; leaving their carcasses to rot in the desert sand -- perhaps keeping as slaves those they felt would not impede their progress or exhaust their resources. After plundering the city, it would be left in burning ruins.

The Huns and the Khans, and later the Washingtons and the Jeffersons and the Obamas, easily came to see this as wasteful of their greatest acquisitions -- human beings. Human beings, they readily perceived, were inflicted with what was only centuries later labeled "Stockholm Syndrome". They could easily be made to believe that their conquerors were also their protectors -- that they (the "protectors") were necessary and deserving of their support. Open any encyclopedia or history text and a major index page will be "flags" of various nations augmenting that mentality.

Heads of state might be psychopathic, but they ain't stupid. Keep them cards and letters comin' in. The activities of voting and participating in political rolls as more-or-less "overseers", such as"senators", "congressmen", et al.; are symptoms of that debility, or religious practice.

Most reading this have somehow been inspired to come out from under. Let's hope our numbers will grow to "critical mass" before our grandkids (25 of mine are on the ground, one due in August gregorian) and great-grandkids (just delivered my 6th) all grow to adulthood.

The enormity of the truth is incredible. Sam