A Disgrace to the Profession

That's the title of Mark Steyn's newest book -- although Steyn wrote probably less than 10% of it, since it's mostly a compendium of long quotations by scientists from all over the world, including Nobel Winners. Topic? Climate scientist Michael Mann, who -- as a newly-minted Ph.D. -- published the infamous and now thoroughly discredited "hockey stick" climate study in 1999. More recently, Mann was foolish enough to sue Steyn for libel, and this book is "Volume 1" (so the cover proclaims) of Steyn's response.
Wow. Page after page of climate scientists, physicists, and others -- each with his or her credentials and various positions, awards, etc. listed -- many who believe in global warming but hate what Mann and others have done to science -- on the topic of not only the error-prone, poorly conceived, and often outright fraudulent "science" that Mann has been putting out, but also on his character and personal behavior in regards "deniers" (anyone who questions him or points out his mistakes), on the horrific corruption of peer review, of scientific journals, and of science itself.
I didn't read the famous hacked email dump on the topic from 2009, but bits of many of those emails, and commentary by scientists about them, show up here. In all, this is a most incredible volume, just destroying Mann and his small group of fellow conspirators (a characterization that those emails and this book amply justify). I also read the Wikipedia page on Mann, and the self-serving, hide-the-truth nature of that page really leaps out after having read Steyn's book. 
Both educational and huge fun -- my wife is enjoying the book also -- A Disgrace to the Profession is something no scientist and no honest person of good will should miss, regardless of their politics or views on global warming.