Police Having a Good Time

This video captures the Seabrook Police Department abusing an individual.  Their laughter towards the end is truly disgusting.


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Is this in Seabrook, New Hampshire? But NH is the "Live Free or Die" State!
I wonder what Alex Knight thinks.

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Jim:  I don't think you'll have to wonder very hard.  Suffice it to say I'm glad I came here to Vermont.  Have never regretted it.

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I wouldn't put too much faith in the police within VT either.  

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That view does seem to be shared by a certain former lady prisoner in Windsor.

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Emmett, I'm not trying to say I place faith in them.  However, in my now going on 12 years of experience here -- and 20+ years of experience there -- they are far less numerous, and far more well-mannered and courteous than their NH counterparts.  The difference is marked.  Completely different attitude and mentality.  That said, the socialist system they perpetuate by being employed in it needs to change without question -- and the sooner the better.

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Where I am all I have available to me is the bird in the sky. You are on a "Fair Access Code" When your clock runs down on your availability of internet it gets shut off for 24 hours. If I watch two minutes of You Tube I loose 10% plus of internet time. Can't figure that one out.
Where they get cops like this I don't know, but there are a few good ones, but not enough to outweigh the bad; yen and yang seem to rule the universe.