Halloween Haunts in New Hampshire

"The Shining was a Disco-era bestseller from Maine's Master of Macabre, Stephen King, but it was the foreboding grandeur of the Overlook Hotel and Jack Nicholson's portrayal of dangerous dull-boy Jack Torrance that made The Shining a part of modern culture. While it was the Stanley Hotel in Colorado that reportedly inspired King, the author could have looked a lot closer to home for his supernatural stimulation ..."
Something seasonal. 


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Very well written, Emmett!  Happy Halloween!  :-)

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Thanks, Alex!  Happy Halloween!

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Great Blog, Emmett - especially its closing para.
You didn't mention that Mount Washington Hotel's most famous month came in 1944, when representatives of all the governments that mattered (excluding Germany and Japan) gathered and agreed to make the US Dollar the world's reserve currency, in place of the British Pound. A dark day, indeed, for His Late Majesty. Sic transit gloria mundi.
The switch was promoted by a promise that the dollar could be redeemed for gold @ 35 to the ounce, which solemn undertaking was stabbed in the back by Tricky Dick Nixon, and whose remains have been pouring away ever since like blood from a corpse... currently (as it were) to the extent of nearly 40 times that rate, taking the fair name of America with it.
Ominously, that famous "Bretton Woods" conference  was noted on a bronze plaque at the entrance to the hotel driveway, until the end of the 1990s when it was removed. Somebody, somewhere, decided it didn't pay any longer to advertise the dirty deed.

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Thanks, Jim!  Yes, I had originally planned to put in a jab at the Bretton Woods conference, but the ghost of Lord Keynes would've been too scary.  :)