101 Reasons: Liberty Lives in New Hampshire

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101 Reasons: Liberty Lives in New Hampshire (Full Length Film) .  
It is a well-done documentary describing the advantages of New Hampshire and Free State Project.  It's worth sharing to any who are unfamiliar with the FSP and its goal of bringing at least 20,000 freedom-loving people to New Hampshire to join with the many local New Hampshire residents who embody the "Live Free or Die" ethos.  The ultimate aim is to achieve liberty in our lifetime.  Over 16,000 have signed the Statement of Intent.  Once the 20,000 number has been reached, that will trigger the 5-year clock for signers to move.  If you haven't signed already, please consider doing so at the FSP website.  


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Movers to NH might wish to consider buying this house. It has an honorable history and is offered for a real bargain price.
There are a couple of unusual features, and a conscientious buyer would wish to return it to its previous owners if they ever emerge from a government cage, but it's still a rare opportunity.